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Portuguese Sweet Bread in the Area?

With the fast advance of Easter this weekend, I was wondering if anyone knew of any bakeries in the Twin Cities area that make this Easter staple? Fairly common on the East Coast but apparently not so much around here. Google has again failed me.

Chourico in the area?

That's correct that it is similar to the Spanish Chorizo but the spices used in creation as well as grind/cut of meat is different. We have found and used Chorizo in the past in the same applications we'd use Chourico in but it just doesn't have the same impact. I'll have to give Taste of Brazil a shot. Appreciate the pointer!

Chourico in the area?

Girlfriend moved here from the East Coast where Chourico is fairly popular. Google and asking around have failed me. Does anyone know a local butcher we can get it from? Appreciate the help!