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8 hours, 3 meals, NYC | Seafood! French!

Thanks for everyone's help so far!

Two more questions:
1. Any recommendation for drinking chocolate? Looking for something extremely thick: like Juliette et chocolat in Montreal or xoco in Chicago

2. How feasible/safe would it be to walk from grand central to, say, Chinatown? I love walking and seeing all the sights along the way.

Feb 28, 2014
buhnard in Manhattan

8 hours, 3 meals, NYC | Seafood! French!

Haha I don't mind cold pizza! Most foods seem to develop a special aura when they're set for a day... Sometimes, it's mold, but sometimes, it's greatness

I'll be staying in some hotel in Connecticut haha

Feb 28, 2014
buhnard in Manhattan

8 hours, 3 meals, NYC | Seafood! French!

oliver: Yes! It looks so amazing yet at a reasonable price point. I'm 80% sure on it

mia19: My budget is somewhat flexible. I'm just not ready for someone to suggest Masa and then have to turn them down :) Nakazawa did seem like it would push my limit, which is why I'm very happy i got the reservation with Yasuda; seems like I could go there, have a moderate lunch, small dinner, and only stretch my budget a little bit

ellenost: I've read so much about Ko that I really just want to see for myself and make the judgement then.
Just looked on Bouley and the lunch set is a steal! top of my list definitely. What are your favorites there?

Feb 28, 2014
buhnard in Manhattan

8 hours, 3 meals, NYC | Seafood! French!

Hi NY hounds!

Next week, I'll be in NY for the second time, and I'm looking forward to a great food adventure! Unfortunately, I will only be there one day (laguardia at 9AM) and I will have to be at Grand Central from 12p to 1:30p. So that's not very much time for a city brimming with delicious choices! Which is why I'm seeking your advice:

I've done some research, and I've made reservations at Momofuku Ko and Yasuda (i'll have to cancel at least one of these). Other options that I'm looking at are Sushi Nakazawa (on waiting list, probably my top choice), Soto, Gramercy Tavern, Maialino, Le Bernardin, The Halal Guys, JeanGeorges, Boulud Sud, etc.

Things I'm looking for:
1) Something not available in Chicago: No Italian, Chinese, Hot Dogs
2) "Lighter" food: which is why I'm looking into sushi and a lot of seafood rather than steakhouses, pizza (to some extent), pork-shank-cooked-in-bacon-fat-with-chicharron-and pig ears
3) Seafood; specifically uni if possible. Although I'm not generally impressed by cooked fish
4) $200 budget for the entire day
5) not a big sweets person, but will try if special
6) Also something that I could buy for breakfast the next day would be nice
7) I am generally amused by creative momofuku-type dishes, but I'm not feeling it for this trip. Looking for something more "tried and true"
8) If there's a specific african cuisine that NY does Extraordinarily well, i'd love to know about it. So far, I've Loved all the ethiopian, nigerian, and senegalese food I've come across
9) laksa, if it's really good

So far my plan is:

Breakfast: something like Russ and Daughters,

Lunch: Maialino(I really just wanted the olive oil cake), Le Bernardin (might break my budget), Di Fara (worth the trip?) or Jean Gorges?

Dinner: Nakazawa/Yasuda, Dinner #2 at Per Se salon (how much of a stink eye would i get if I only ordered ...... oysters and pearls?)

Would love to hear any and every comment you have! Thank you in advance!

Feb 27, 2014
buhnard in Manhattan

Lunch kaiseki in Tokyo?

Dear chowhound,

In a 20-hour layover at NRT this Saturday, I will attempt to eat at as many exciting places as possible. Since neither my budget nor time would allow for a dinner, what Lunch Kaiseki restaurants in Tokyo would you recommend? My budget is around 5000 yen per person.

It would be cherry on top if it could be reached easily by public transport...

Several that I have found so far are:
Tokyo Shiba Tofuya-Ukai

Thank you!

Dec 08, 2013
buhnard in Japan

Drinking Chocolate - desperate!

After eating at XOCO and having their chocolate+churros, I've been yearning for a good cup of semi-dark drinking chocolate. From experience, i like drinking ~70% and eating ~80%, but as i'm sure you all know, the percentage doesn't tell you nearly as much as actually trying them! Which is why I am turning to you all for help!

It would be nice to have some quality pastries to accompany the chocolate, but I can literally just drink cups after cups of gooey chocolate by themselves.

I take public transit, and i'm willing to walk the extra mile for a good cup. Budget shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks in advance!

Mar 21, 2013
buhnard in Chicago Area

Variety Recommendation in LA (for a midwesterner)

Thanks everyone for their comments!

namster: after checking them out, i might just break my budget and go to one of your recs and buy everything! great choices

ilysla: i've been to lobsta truck before, and I really enjoyed it. I guess it's hard to escape that price tag if i really want a good roll. We have several Ethiopian restaurants here in chicago, but we might still go check out one of the ones in Little Ethiopia

Mar 20, 2013
buhnard in Los Angeles Area

Variety Recommendation in LA (for a midwesterner)

Thank you for all your suggestions! I'd be sure to check those out (the maple donut looks especially enticing...) which brings me to another special requests...

Desserts! particularly drinking chocolate, pies, and ethnic!

Mar 20, 2013
buhnard in Los Angeles Area

Variety Recommendation in LA (for a midwesterner)

Hello! Thank you for your help for a great food adventure!

Background: I'm from LA, but currently living in Chicago. My girlfriend (who's from a small town in the midwest) will be coming with me to LA for a week. She never had much cuisines outside of diners and bar foods growing up, but we love trying new foods!

Area: between 210/134 and 60. West of the 605. Basically 30 minute drive east and west of downtown.

What we're looking for:
We literally eat everything, and ambiance/service is not a priority.
I'm mainly looking for foods that one would not find in chicago (where i'm at now). Also for fun/iconic/representative LA restaurants that are not necessarily the very top undisputed best in their cuisine, but are consistently good. "Tourist" spots. We're not feeling sandwiches or pizzas this time. We're 20 (no alcohol..)

Budget: below $25 per person

To give y'all an idea, here's the list so far (from places i've been to):
Hae Jang Chon
Ricky's fish tacos
Boiling Point
Yoshida (any other rec for live uni?)
Din Tai Fung
Boiling Crab
Santouka Ramen
Elite dimsum
Chung King

As you've prob noticed, I'm from SGV so I'd love some non-south asian recommendations.

Lobster roll
Mexican (sit down)
a date place that's within our price range
regional cuisines (ex. burmese? armenian? west african? etc..)
unusual dishes (brains!, etc.)

Thank you so much! Y'all the best!

Mar 20, 2013
buhnard in Los Angeles Area