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An Unreasonable Attack on the Naked Chef

It's extremely short-sighted to criticize increased government spending on good-quality food for children. The UK has a public healthcare system. It doesn't make sense to save a couple of pence per meal per child if it means you raise a population of obese diabetics. The government pays one way or the other, and broccoli is cheaper than CABGs and stroke rehab.

Mar 30, 2010
abhryll in Features

Wine delivery in Toronto

Winery to Home will deliver wines from Ontario vinyards to locations in Ontario. There are various gift options available. (

Toronto's Best Restaurants - Not listed in Toronto Life

I'm glad some other people seem to have taken issue with Toronto Life's inclusion of restaurants outside the GTA. When I first read this article, I was thinking of writing in to Toronto Life and asking them to define their criteria. As a reader of *Toronto* Life, I don't particularly want to hear about places outside of a TTC-able range.

That being said, I found a lot of their recommendations predictable and, yes, "safe". I was much more interested in their accompanying section on the best *new* restaurants.

Desperately seeking Boddies

This is really weird. I've been to three pubs in the last few weeks that used to serve Boddington's, and still have it on their menus, but do not serve it anymore (The Longest Yard on Mount Pleasant, The Rose and Crown at Yonge and Eglinton, and The Bedford Academy at Bloor and St George). In two of these three cases, the promise of Boddington's was the sole reason for going to that particular pub! I don't know if it's no longer being distributed in Toronto/Canada, but it certainly seems that way. Most unfortunate.

New Yorker looking for a good burger...

This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but have you tried the Bow and Arrow and Yonge and Davisville? They have a 'burger matrix', with various patty (beef, bison, veggie etc.) & topping (regular, cheese etc.) options . My favourite is the guacamole & mushroom beef burger. The rest of the menu is pretty decent too.

Breakfast/brunch by Union Station

Hmmm....that link doesn't work....

Breakfast/brunch by Union Station

Thanks...Le Petit Dejeuner does look suitable, but perhaps a bit out of the way. Pity they don't do breakfast every day :(

Breakfast/brunch by Union Station

Hi all,

First time poster, so please forgive any faux pas'.

My mother and aunt are coming to town this week, and we would like to go for breakfast/brunch somewhere close to Union Station (Toronto) on Friday. I have two criteria: that it be (1) relatively 'nice' (i.e. a couple of steps up from MacDonald's), and (2) not require a reservation (we don't want to be time-restricted). My googling has turned up York's Kitchen in the Royal York Hotal, and Victoria's at the King Edward Hotel, but I'm having trouble finding information on these places online (pricing, breadth of menu, quality etc.). Can anyone objectively comment on these restaurants? Alternatively, can anyone recommend somewhere that fits my criteria in the Union Station area?