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San Diego CLOSED Restaurants: Thread Three- The Saga Continues.

25Forty Bistro on Congress in Old Town closed Sunday. This little place was really wonderful, especially for Cygnet theatre nights, and we'll miss it.

Jun 04, 2013
brazlion in San Diego


guess it's more accurate to say that the zeppoli version of the plural (which is what how the menu at VP lists them) is more common in some southern Italian dialects.

potato, potato, I think you'll like the VP zepp's

Apr 08, 2013
brazlion in San Diego


You can get zeppoli (it's zeppole if you're northern Italian) at Village Pizzeria in Coronado. Not quite as good as at festivals in South Philly, but they'll do. They're a lot like beignets.

Mar 15, 2013
brazlion in San Diego