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Best North End Restaurant for Family

I would definitely recco L'Osteria as family-friendly. Lived in the North End for twenty years, and moved away several year
s ago, but the small kids who brought my water and bussed the tables years ago are now running the kitchen.

Nov 27, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Authentic Mexican restaurant recommendations?

I don't know beans about authentic Mexican, but really like the food at Ole in Cambridge, and Casa Romero in Back Bay.

Nov 22, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

I need some help with a trip to your city around Dec 5th

I have never been, but O Ya gets a lot of sushi reccos on this board.

Nov 22, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

The Bored's...

No, not alone. The lively give and take is gone. I miss it. The Boston board, where I live, is so boring,no one has posted a anything interesting in at least a year.

Nov 12, 2014
pasuga in Site Talk

Copley area with a college student

I would make a reservation in the North End at L'Osteria, and feed her comfort food. It's a great place to eat and talk.

Oct 18, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Onion rings at what can only be called a truly unknown location...

Just forwarded your post to a friend who just moved to JP. Thanks.

Oct 18, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Simple but interesting all-in-one chicken dishes?

Soba's chicken with mustard recipe is very similar to one I make regularly with chicken or rabbit, that I cut out of the NY times years ago.

I like to use whole grain Dijon mustard, coat the meat, and marinate for at least an hour before cooking. Also usually use a good dry vermouth instead of white wine. Rice or roasted potatoes and a salad and you're all set.

Oct 08, 2014
pasuga in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - October 2014 [old]

Yeah to the sticky pecan buns! Am not big on sweets, my yearly consumption generally adds up to a couple pints of Haagen Daz and a Three Muskateers bar. But remembered my Mom making the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and gave into the impulse - they're bloody wonderful.

Oct 07, 2014
pasuga in Chains

Legal Sea Foods Prudential closing?

Reminds me of the Damon Runyon stories, where the unnamed narrator kept reiterating that the liquor at Charlie's (during Prohibition) was "strictly for you the tourists."

Maybe the Pru location is where Legal's makes or breaks their employees.

Oct 01, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Recipes Using Prepared Caramel Sauce

I really love Maya Angelou's grandmother's caramel cake recipe. Unfortunately the story that goes with it isn't on Oprah's Web site.

Sep 20, 2014
pasuga in Home Cooking

"I Don't Cook"

I've never done it, but remember her draining the broccoli or cauliflower, and throwing the veggies back in the pot, with a handful of tofu cube. Remember making dinner one night, and giving her steamed broccoli with lemon and a pat of butter. Her eyes got big, and she said, "I didn't know it could taste this good!"

Jul 20, 2014
pasuga in General Topics

"I Don't Cook"

About 30 years ago I had a roommate who was constantly on a diet and could only steam vegetables, she'd throw some tofu over them to melt for protein.

Almost daily, she'd tell me, "I was so good today, I only had a can of chicken for lunch!" Never saw canned chicken in the cupboards, but figured she bought it on her way to work, until one day she handed me a can, and asked, "Is this chicken or tuna?"

It was Chicken of the Sea.

There was a weekend when I'd made a vegetable/pasta salad with Caesar dressing and put it in the frig, then went out for the day, when I got home at midnight, she'd eaten the entire thing. (A pound of pasta!) She must have been starving most of the time.

Jul 17, 2014
pasuga in General Topics

"I Don't Cook"

Many years ago (mid-80s), one of my first after-college roommates had never been taught to cook. We were in a small 4rth-floor walkup in Boston's North End. She loved all the local coffee shops, and got a cappuchino maker for her birthday. First time she tried it, she turned the burner on high (gas stove) and when it started making noise she panicked - really screaming. I ran into the kitchen, thinking something had caught fire, and just turned off the burner. She never tried to use it again. Another funny/sad story: she was always trying to lose weight. I'd often get home, and she'd say, "I was so good today! I only had a can of chicken for lunch!" I wondered, because there was never any canned chicken in the cupboards, but figured she was buying it on her way to work...until one day she handed me a can and asked me, "Is this chicken or tuna?" It was Chicken of the Sea. The really sad thing was that anything I made, she'd devour without thinking about calories, she must have been starving most of the time.

Jun 28, 2014
pasuga in General Topics

H Mart Open in Central Square!

If you go during off-hours (evenings, weekends) the Green Street garage is a block away, and not pricey - $1.50/$2.00 per hour, something like that.

May 30, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Shad roe

Has anyone found shad roe or soft shell crabs around Boston grocery stores in the last few days? This winter has been so cold, am hoping they're late.

Mar 14, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Boston Help!

In the North End, definitely Neptune Oyster for seafood, but plan to get there early for lunch or dinner and be willing to wait. (11:30 for lunch, 5:30 for dinner.) Pizzeria Regina is always great. My two favorite places for great Italian-American food are L'Osteria and Massimino's. (I lived in the North End for 20 years.)

French Bistro food, you'll do a lot better trolling the boards.

Mar 10, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Limited-Time Left Living in Boston! Where to Eat Before I Move?

In the North End at this time of year, Massimino's for their soft-shell crab specials. L'Osteria for the stratachelli soup and fabulous antipasto salad. Neptune for just about everything. And would want one last chicken kabob salad from Dimirios, the little place on the corner of Brookline & Putnam in Cambridgeport.

Mar 07, 2014
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

why no new threads?

I frequently check the Boston, General Foods, and Not About Foods boards and the most recent threads have hundreds of responses, but no new posts.

Jan 24, 2014
pasuga in Site Talk

'Staple' foods you just don't like

For me it is black licorice in any form. I like almost everything else. Ouzu, anise, sambucco, candy... Yech!! Interestingly my Mom loved it and told me once that she ate a lot of it while she was pregnant with me.

Dec 21, 2013
pasuga in General Topics

WTF?!? Chowhound unusable - screen blanks after 1 second

I've been having this problem for weeks on my android. The site is unuseable.

Nov 30, 2013
pasuga in Site Talk

The best compliment you've received

My Dad - born 1917_ always said the best compliment hbe ever got was around 1967

Nov 01, 2013
pasuga in Not About Food

When a friend misunderstands your invitation

I have a good friend - co-worker for about ten years - who was laid off from her job last week. When I heard the news, emailed an invitation for her and her family (husband and 2 teenage boys) to take all of them to lunch - was very specific - at a fun Bisuteki close to where I live, name the day. Her response was to say they'd love to come to dinner next Saturday, she wasn't sure if the boys could make it and would let me know.

The prices for dinner at this place are about 3 times more than lunch. No way I could afford it - I was laid off from the same company years before and am still not working.

Think I handled it tactfully, without even reminding her to reread my invitation. Know she was in shock. Just thinking that many other folks may have had similar experiences and would love to hear about them.

Oct 06, 2013
pasuga in Not About Food

The Pickiest Eater

Darren McGrady wrote a cookbook called "Eating Royally," (he worked for Princess Diana) that has a lot of great British recipes, including the cottage pie that Prince William insisted was served at his wedding breakfast. I specially love his stuffed eggplant recipe.

Oct 01, 2013
pasuga in Home Cooking

L'Osteria Recs

When I lived in the North End and used to eat there frequently I just loved their veal agrodolce. (Quickly panfried and then finished in a syrupy red wine/red wine vinegar reduction.) It doesn't seem to be on the menu now, but you could ask. I always liked their meat entrees better than the pasta. Also would recco their antipasto starter, with the most wonderful oil & vinegar dressing.

Jan 07, 2013
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

Multicolored Eggs From Diverse Types of Hens

Plus one. I have been buying Pete & Gerry's eggs for years, but am ashamed to say the blue/green eggs creeped me out a bit. Finally bought one of their 6 packs with brown and blue mixed, and their blue eggs have the most wonderful orange yolks.

Jan 01, 2013
pasuga in General Topics

Where to take a man for his 30th birthday?

I'd book one of the small private dining rooms at Mama Maria's
in the North End. Might not be hip by today's standards but certainly sexy. Several years ago I reccoed it to a work friend who had just moved up here from New Orleans with his wife and two small children, and was looking for a romantic place for their anniversary dinner. Day after he thanked me and winked.

Dec 27, 2012
pasuga in Greater Boston Area

what has been the greatest "happy accident" you have had, while cooking?

Must be about 30 years ago, my older brother had just gotten married and was spending the holidays with his in-laws, but sent me a $40 check and asked me to spend it to buy our Dad a bottle from a specific year from the Pfrum vinyards in Germany. (Something he'd sampled during a wine-tasting course.) The wine was delicious, there was about a third of a bottle left after Christmas dinner, which got stuck in the fridge door. A couple days later Mom made a beef stew, and not realizing it was the VERY expensive wine, poured the last of it into the mix. Dad was very torn between being mad and telling her it was the best beef stew he'd ever eaten.

Dec 22, 2012
pasuga in Home Cooking

Childhood Meals: What Did You Drink with Them?

Always milk... big glass at breakfast and dinner, plus orange juice at breakfast. Milk at lunch when we were home, lemonade or sometimes koolaid during hot weather. Mom didn't actively discourage soft drinks, but almost never bought them, so they never became a habit. We graduated to coffee with breakfast and after dinner around the start of high school.

Dec 20, 2012
pasuga in General Topics

2 lbs of Blue Cheese...

Sorry, should have said that was when they were having a party.

Dec 19, 2012
pasuga in Cheese

2 lbs of Blue Cheese...

I remember from the English next door neighbors back in the 6os... used to bring a big wheel of stilton to room temperature, gouge out the middle, fill with port and serve with water crackers.

Dec 18, 2012
pasuga in Cheese