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Can one make a HarveyWallbanger-esque cake sans alcohol?

Harvy Wallbanger cake --- yum. I suppose it could be made without the alcohol, which begs the question why. Why would you take a fabulously delicious recipe and make it less. The cake itself has 1/2 cup or less of alcohol, most of which will cook off, leaving the flavors behind. The traditional Bundt cake recipe serves 10 to 12, and I really don't see your Aunt getting too boozed up on that small amount of alcohol. Besides, she's 82. Let her enjoy her memories. That would be a wonderful gift. Now if you're really set on cutting back on the alcohol; replace the vodka with more orange juice. Stick with the Galliano, which is expensive but the flavor is well worth it. Or use Sambuca or another anise [not licorise] flavored liquor. There's one or two under $10. The glaze is probably where you get the strong taste and smell of alcohol. Again, it's only 2 oz or less, and it's drizzeled over a whole BIG cake. Don't make yourself crazy grinding spices and making adjustments. Stick with the recipe using less alcohol if you must, and enjoy the making of a gift filled with good memories. You're a good and kind Niece, God bless. PS; Don't make the cake from scratch. Been there, done that and it's not as good. And use orange cake mix if you can find it. PPS; As far as the je-ne-sais-quoi of vodka goes, it's all about flavinoids. Some flavors dissolve in water, .while others dissolve in alcohol. More flavors means a more yummy dish. But this is a Harvy Wallbanger cake and I don't see too many flavinoids coming from a cake mix. So the vodkas presence is more about being true to the original cocktail and cutting through the richness of the Galliano. Yes. That's gotta be it! Happy baking, happy life.

Mar 14, 2013
spuddabudda in Home Cooking