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Recette or Annisa?

We are coming in March, have been to NYC many times but not in last 5 years. I am looking for a spot for hubby and I to have dinner. I have pretty much decided on Batard for one night, but am torn between these two for the other...

We love food and great restaurants, and I have a soft spot for under the radar gems. Thank you!

Jan 05, 2015
BouquetGarni in Manhattan

Palm Springs Weekend

I am really glad this NEW Palm Springs discussion got started. I am going to Palm Springs next month. I have been several times, but am always looking for best dining spots. Currently, I am torn between Cuistot, Miro, and Catalan. Any thoughts? We'd love outdoor dining if possible, but we are primarily focused on great food.

Feb 27, 2014
BouquetGarni in California

Borgo - selling menswear?

I stepped into Borgo last night to check on the wait time, and I noticed a glass cabinet with shirts and ties in the entrance, right next to the bench where people wait for a table. Looked a bit odd. I couldn't tell - were the items for sale, or is it some kind of silent auction for charity? I really, really hope it's the latter.

Bistro Rouge - YYC

Has anyone been? I am curious to try it, but am sometimes reluctant to try a restaurant that just opened... thanks.

Palm Springs - restaurant decision

Going down to Palm Desert soon; been several times, and am joining folks who spend several months a year there. We are familiar with several places, but are currently comparing:
Johannes v. The Workshop Kitchen and Bar

Good food is the top priority. Atmosphere and service are next on the list. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Mar 14, 2013
BouquetGarni in California

Palm Springs Area: Any Chow-worthy places???

What do people think of Workshop Kitchen and Bar?

Mar 14, 2013
BouquetGarni in California