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Crabs in DC? (Actual DC, not MD)

Does anyone know where to get crabs in the district? I love them but am not trucking out to MD.

Zeke's Donuts in Dupont

Agreed! A little pricey and the sign gives me a headache but I really enjoyed the Mocha glazed. My SO had the Ferrero Rocher and raved. They're much bigger than your assembly line Krispy Kreme too.

Worst experience at a "fancy" restaurant and why?

Adour in DC, which somehow is still highly ranked amongst DC restaurants. We stood by the entrance for maybe 5 minutes while staffed walked right past us as if we were invisible. Finally a busboy said hello and got someone to seat us. The waiter took a long time to get over to our table, and was extremely rude. Despite me noting in our reservation that we were celebrating an occasion, no one thought to tell us when we confirmed the reservation that the regular menu was not available, and instead their was what looked like a home ec. final exam, roast chicken mesculn salad, boring. And a cheap wine list to ask. When we asked the waiter about it, he said that they had decided to extend Restaurant Week, even though their website (which I double check that evening) showed that restaurant week had ended at their restaurant. I was nearly in tears, because I was planning a big night out for others. If had been just one of those things, I probably could have let it slide, but being treated that poorly, and then eating Boston Market crap to allow them to keep treating us rudely? No thanks. First and only time I've ever walked out of a restaurant (not on any bill of course, we never ordered anything.)

Mar 14, 2013
seafoodlovah in Not About Food

Shad Roe?

Thanks I will have to check that out but I'm a little lazy a restaurant would be ideal.

Shad Roe?

I know the forsythia is not quite blooming yet but I'm craving Shad Roe. Does anyone know where I can get some?