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Best birthday cake with fine ingredient in greater Boston

Thank you all so much for wonderful recommendations. There are multiple places that I didn't know but look very good. I think I am going to try some cakes if available by piece from a couple of places this weekend and make my final decision! Again, thank you!

Best "new" restaurant in Boston

Hello! My husband and I used to dine out 2-3 times a week... until we had kids. Now, we have a date night only once a week. We always tried new restaurants in the city before but these days, we have been going to mostly same restaurants we like (Deuxave, Market by Jean Georges, o ya, Ten Tables, Toro, B&G Oysters, Bistro du Midi, Coppa, etc). Can anybody suggest any new restaurant we should try? We like pretty much anything as long as it is GOOD :) Thank you!

Best birthday cake with fine ingredient in greater Boston

Hi! I am looking for a place to order a fantastic birthday cake. I am hosting a birthday party and all the guests are super foodie. Where can I order a birthday cake that is made with the finest ingredient and tastes good? I don't care about a lot of decoration but the actual taste of the cake. Thank you!