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where to buy local beef - nashua area

As the Store Manager of a butcher shop here in NH it's nice to see people finally realizing that there is a difference between "fresh ground beef" and "ground beef"! Fresh ground beef will change color because there are no additives in store burger will stay pink a lot longer but thats not a good thing! The hard part about "local beef" is that there just isn't a commercial farm in the state that can keep up with demands. I tell people all the time, you don't have to buy your ground beef from me...but don't buy it from the grocery store chains

Looking for a restaurant to host a dinner party for 30 in the Derry/Hampstead area

Atkinson Country Club does a nice job also. Brookstone recently closed their restaurant but is going to keep the Events part open for now.

Tek-Nique - Bedford

Anyone been here yet? I can't find a website, and only a couple of yelp reviews.

Sausage casings in Nashua?

Its definitely a Jersey thing...I have customers that swear by it and buy lbs every week...I just havent taken the plunge yet!

Sausage casings in Nashua?

Funny you should mention Taylor Ham...Have you ever had it? Ima scared to try it...

Sausage casings in Nashua?

Most butcher shops should have them....ask someone behind the counter to cut you as much as you need. I don't have good luck with the grocery store, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place! Brothers Butcher will prob have them, Prime Butcher in Windham might too.

Rustic Leaf Bistro, Milford...changes?

Wishing Josh the best in his new endeavor....I worked with him waaaay back in the day at Burlington Marriott, before Summer/Winter was there.

pork belly in nh?

Yeah, I guess my post could have been considered a plug, but if I had said I know a great place to get them and it's called "Insert name here", then it wouldn't be a problem? Nobody knows where anyone on here works so I suppose anyone could be plugging their own company....anywhoo...I am looking into pork jowl availability from a few sources in Boston and will post if they can be ordered directly from them.

pork belly in nh?

Well, my last post got taken down even though i didn't actually plug any store in particular, but my point was you should be able to special order it through your local butcher shop. Expect to pay between $3-6/lb depending on quality.

Where to find New Zealand Lamb?

I decided to do more research on this adn after speaking to the owner of one of the largest meat companies in Boston have confirmed that all the lamb commercially available from Aus is frozen as it is shipped over by boat. That being said, I still think the quality/consistency are great and will continue to sell it in our butcher shop.
Lamb top rounds are a better buy right now if you have a hankering...u can usually get them for around $10-11/lb.

Where to find New Zealand Lamb?

Sorry for the confusion...we are selling them for $16/lb, just not making much on them! Simplyput..we are buying in bulk and still paying over $13/lb, but as far as I know all the Aussie and NZ lamb is previously frozen. We usually receive it with a deep chill on it, but it has been thawing in a Boston meat packing company's possesion.

Where to find New Zealand Lamb?

Just an update: The aussie lamb racks we got in this week are costing me the same price I used to charge for them! We are getting $16/lb for racks right now and supposedly the price will be going up...

Where to find New Zealand Lamb?

I manage a butcher shop in S. NH and lamb is behind beef/chicken/pork by a long way. It's become an afterthought for most people, but we are only a few generations away from when it was the staple meat. Finding leg of lamb is rare nowadays, except around Easter time.

Favorite coffee spots - NH

Beantowne Coffee House in Hampstead NH is a great place to get a cup or a sandwich, or both. They have an extensive coffee drink menu and some great healthy food options. They have a smoothie menu too. They also do a lot of their own baked goods. The space is cool, decorated with art from local artists and they have free wi-fi. Live music sporadically and "meet the politicians" are also items of interest.

Beantowne Coffee House & Cafe
201 State Route 111, Hampstead, NH 03841

Where to find New Zealand Lamb?

It is becoming hard to find Aussie/NZ lamb because of a few issues. The flooding and cyclones have affected their entire economy for one. According to the owners of a few of the largest meat packing companies in Boston, we are going to have "issues" with lamb for the unforseen future. The price has gone up drastically on our (retailer) end and supposedly we haven't seen the end of the increases. Good luck, and if I come across some I will be sure to post it's availability. What cuts are you looking for?

What was that onion-ey garlic-ey smell in Haverhill on Saturday??

Fantini Bakery is over there somewhere isn't it?

Dry-aged steak at Meat Shop Bedford NH

I sure hope it was Prime at that price! Choice Ribeyes are at $5/lb wholesale right now...Ribeye prices dump after the Xmas/NYE holiday and don't start climbing until early summer...but if it was great I guess it doesnt matter!

Dry-aged steak at Meat Shop Bedford NH

what grade of meat was it if you don't mind?

What's happened to the Common Man

We haven't been to the Common Man in years because last time we went we were so underwhelmed. Nothing was inspired or memorable. I do remember waiting a looong time between courses with an empty glass. I have a few friends that have worked at the Windham location ( one as a cook, the other as Kitchen Manager) and they both said the same thing. The food is mass produced and most of it goes into the steamtable to hold for service. Some items are understandable, but not everything. Just another example of mediocrity being acceptable.

Tuscan Kitchen Milford NH?

Tuscan Kitchen in Salem is the new restaurant opened by the former owner of Josephs Pasta. He spent a lot of money revamping the old Devitos building, including moving the kitchen and basically gutting the entire place. We have not been for dinner yet, but have a few friends that have and also know a few people that are servers there.
I have heard nothing but good things so far, except that the entrees are too big. I know that the service training was very intense and involves many hours of menu training before a server can even think about actually serving customers. The menu/wine list are Italian.
We will be going soon and I will give a more detailed review. As far as another Tuscan Kitchen opening in Milford, I doubt it would be the same owner...

"Beach Pizza" . . . Tripoli & Christy's . . . please explain

"Beach Pizza" is very specific to Salisbury Beach. The camp is pretty evenly divided between the 2 places that offer it. Tripolis serves the same pizza at their bakery in Lawrence Mass (along with amazing meat pie) and I believe the pizza actually started there. It is thin crust, sweet sauce w/ oregano and a sparse covering of mozzarella cheese. The provolone is an add on (you can also get American). This pizza is so popular that it is sold frozen in small bags at retail locations. I sell between 50-75 bags a week at my shop.
The bottom line's all about nostalgia. Its just okay as far as "pizza" goes, but it invokes memories of going to the beach or going to the bakery in Lawrence.

Gauchos in Manchester NH

I had one of the worst meals I have ever had at Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse this past weekend. For a place that is supposed to be a meat based restaurant, they did a terrible job with it. They had what sounded like a great array of options, including beef, chicken, pork, lamb and turkey., but by the end I found myself picking at the sides and salad bar options.

The quality of beef was severely lacking in my opinion. There was absolutely no marbling whatsoever in any of the meat. The sirloin was terribly tough and I have never had a worse shortrib in my life. I had a hard time believing that a shortrib would be good roasted, and I was right. The flank was the only beef that I ate. It didnt get any better with the other options. The turkey was waaay overcooked and the lamb was bland and tough.

The one redeeming thing was the family style side dishes that were served. The yucca and plantains were very good and drew most of my attention. They also still had Sam Adams October available which helped, but not enough to make me return.

Fortunately for the restaurant, this was a large gathering for a birthday party and I enjoyed myself socially or I probably would have had some choice comments for the manager. On a side note, our server was attentive and very nice.

Raw Oyster Bars in SE NH?

Brookstone in Derry has a raw ahead to see what they have for varieties

Manchester, NH, Verizon Arena pre-show eat/drink spot?

Well, our plans didnt go as well as we had hoped either. We did get into Strangebrew, but it took 20 mins to get a beer and food was out of the question. $2 drafts at stragebrew guaranteed that! At 6pm I ordered nachos for our group, and ending up leaving at 7:20 without getting them...Everyone I know that works in a kitchen on Elm St said that they were way underprepared. They forgot to prepare for the extra hundreds/thousands of people who descend upon what ever city is hosting the band, without a ticket!

Manchester, NH, Verizon Arena pre-show eat/drink spot?

we did the responsible thing and hired a car to pick us up at 1, so I'm definitely staying for the encore and then going to be looking for some late night grub...hopefully the elm st restaurants stay open late!

Manchester, NH, Verizon Arena pre-show eat/drink spot?

I don't know how Manch is going to handle all of us, but I suggest getting there eearly...probably heading to Strangebrew as well. Parking at Verizon isnt a bad way to go...u take a right out of the parking lot and you are on 293 in a snap.

Is there really, a good place for pizza in Manchester NH?

They did change chefs recently. The new chef is David Smith, formerly of Brookstone and Loafers.

cupcakes in southern NH?

Shabby Chic in Windham, near Cobbetts pond.

Shabby Chic
4 Cobbetts Pond Rd Unit 6, Windham, NH

Chili Cook-Off

It is called "Italian Kitchen" and yes, it is across from Tripolis bakery on Common Street...the ricotta fritters are actually called crispellis and they also have amazing rice balls....I realize this has nothing to do with the Chili cookoff, just thought I'd share!

Substitute for pulled pork?

If you can't find Shoulder clod at your butcher, a beef chuck roast will work just fine. Depending on which part of the clod you get, it could be too lean. Tell the butcher what u want to do with it and they will help...most butchers have heard it all!

Sep 07, 2010
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