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Truely free range eggs from pasture raised chickens in Vancouver, BC?

I am looking for truely free range eggs that are from pasture raised chickens, where chickens have complete access to pastures so they can forage in the grass and dirt for insects and grubs as a chicken should be doing without feeding them soy or corn.

Also for those who recommend Whole Foods and Choices Market, I have been to both but most of the eggs seems to come from chickens that are fed soy, corn and other grains.

How do you like to make your mashed potatoes?

What is your favorite type of potato to use? Russet, yukon gold, sweet potatoes or other?
What do you like to add to your mashed potatoes?
How do you mash your potatoes? Do you use a potato masher, a ricer, blender, fork or other?

Any tips, tricks or secrets to your best and favorite mashed potatoes?

Mar 26, 2013
TiffanyL in Home Cooking

What serve with this soup? EDITED

I am going to make a creamy kabocha squash soup. Kabocha squash is a japanese pumpkin, so it's basically a pumpkin soup. This is going to be a dairy free soup so no cream or milk. I was hoping to make this soup be the carbohydrate part of my meal, so I won't be serving it with any type of bread, rice or pasta. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Would it taste good if I added some beef meatballs into this soup? Does it pair well? I wanted to get more protein in my diet. Any other suggestions?

Mar 26, 2013
TiffanyL in Home Cooking

How do you make beef bone stock?

What bones are the best to make a nutritious and good tasting beef bone stock? I know some who only use bones and some who use a mixture of bones and meaty bones or meat.

I found a great local butcher shop that sells only grass fed and grass finished beef. They have a lot of choices and it's quite confusing as i'm new to this bone stock making. They have soup bones (which are literally just bones with no meat on it), bone marrow, oxtail and so on. I asked my mom about bone stock making and she suggests me to use bone marrow and the soup bones. Will this taste good? Since i'm just simmering bones with no meat on it. I've read on several sites that some people have no sucess to bone stock making (horribly bad smell while simmering stock). So how do you make a sucessful good tasting bone stock?

I will be cooking my bone stock in my Crock Pot. Any help, suggestions and tips?

Mar 12, 2013
TiffanyL in Home Cooking