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Rotisserie Mom’s

I have tried it...the first time it took forever to get my meal even though there was nobody there. When I recieved my meal it was very average, standard rotisserie chicken.

Today I was infront of it again. The first time I was there it was only a few days after it first opened, so I figured I would give them another chance.

The place was empty again. Again it took very long to recieve my meal...and this time the food was terrible, the chicken was all dried out and the fries tasted like it was the same oil that was used the first time I was there.

Also the bathroom has only a toilet and no urinal and the door does not lock. So I was there with willy hanging out while somebody could have opened the door and walked in (becasue it is a big batheroom that used to have a urinal and cubicule.). I am not shy but it could make some people unomfortable. I did not figure there was much of a risk because the place was so empty...even at lunch hour (though it was Monday...after St. Patricks some might not have been very hungry)

Spicy Island is back!

The curry is quite mild but flavourful...its delicious if you add some hot sauce to it.

I've been going there for the last year, and I loved their food, but the service was really poor, friendly but very slow. They seem to have things more under control now, the last few times I have gone the place seems to be running much the jerk chicken.

Portuguese Chicken - which is currently the best?

I love the chicken at Barroso, but only the one on Ontario. I have been to the one in Lachine a few times it was good but not as good as the one on Ontario.

West Island Best Kept Secrets

I have tried Baraka and I find thier food is great when its fresh off the grill. You have to be careful about taking the chicken in the warmer.
The last time I was there they served me chicken from the warmer and it was vwery dry. The place is not very busy so the chicken must stay there for a while.