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Favorite OR Coast Fish Market?

I'd like to buy a some albacore to can this weekend, and I'm hoping for some advice about a good fish market — ideally in the Seaside/Cannon Beach area, since it's closer to Portland.

Any advice?

Jakarta Corner, RIP

Jakarta Corner in Alston's Super 88, my favorite place in the Boston area for Indonesian food -- and run by the sweetest couple ever to don aprons and chef's hats -- is no more. They actually retired a few months ago, but I've only now emerged from my beef rendang/kalasan fried chicken/sambal/rijstafel withdrawal.

There actually IS still an Indonesian restaurant in the same place, but it's a pale imitation of its predecessor: smaller portions, less flavorful sauces, tougher beef rendang, and just plain less tasty all around.

We're living in a poorer city these days, and I doff my cap to the Jakarta Corner that was.

Raspberry turnovers at Linda's Donuts (Belmont)

My fiancee and I split a raspberry turnover yesterday while waiting for some egg sandwiches. We might have been super-hungry, but it was one of the best baked goods I've ever eaten: butttery and flaky, sweet but not too sweet, with slightly tangy raspberies. Truly perfect. I defy you to find a better use of $1.50. (Note: they don't bake them on the weekends.)

Naeng myun in Boston?

I just read an article in the NY Times abou Naeng myun, and I need to try it. Can I find it in Boston?

(Here's a link to the article: )

Where to find culantro?

It's not between Back Bay and Dorchester, but I saw culantro at Russo's three days ago. They always stock it.

What to get at Tu y Yo?

I'm going there tonight. What's great there?

Restaurant ideas for my all-potato diet?

I'm thinking about focusing on potatoes -- not potatoes entirely, but largely -- for the foreseeable future. Any ideas for restaurants I should visit and dishes I should order?

Jun 28, 2006
omnivoracious in Manhattan