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Deli/Caterer for Reheatable Meals Qns/Bk

I'm looking for a good deli/caterer that has a good selection of proteins and vegetables in Queens or Brooklyn. I usually buy for 5+ meals at a time as I try to eat healthy, unprocessed and loosely paleo but don't have the time to make meals myself.

I've been going to Prime Deli in Garden City but they are really too far from any major highway to be convenient. I wouldn't mind driving into Brooklyn since it's still closer to my work - Prime happens to be the complete opposite direction. What I do like about prime is they have great food selection and quality for day to day meals - you can take a look at their daily menus on facebook here: Their slightly generous dinner plates of one protein and two sides come to $10.00. I know I can just go to Whole Foods but what I described above can't be had for the same price.

In sum, looking for a reliable deli with good, quality selection for re-heatable meals. Preferably with convenient highway access. Thanks, hounds.

Mar 24, 2014
AeneasWalks in Outer Boroughs

Date Night Recommendation

Thanks again for all the suggestions. I changed my reservations to Cafe del Rey before my trip as we also had a visit to the beach on our list, it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone. Westsidegirl was spot on with the food and the arrangement of the tables. The food wasn't "chowish" but we still enjoyed it. It wasn't the focus of the night anyway. We shared a couple of cocktails, one which was pear infused, that were delicious. Wait service was friendly and accommodating. The lady enjoyed herself and we stopped to hear the band playing some Al Green on our way out of the hotel lobby. Mushy stuff but it fit the bill. Next time I travel to LA I'll look forward to checking out Hatfield's and AOC.

Mar 25, 2013
AeneasWalks in Los Angeles Area

Date Night Recommendation

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I booked a reservation for Lucques last night. The biggest consideration for me was that it seemed to fit the ambiance I was looking for: upscale without being stuffy, refined while comfortable. The patio helped with all these factors. I was also attracted to the fact that they had some creative in-house cocktails and I’ve always preferred cocktails over wine with my dinner. Photos of the food encouraged me to feast with my eyes yet the portions seemed reasonable. Lastly, it looks like this will all fall easily within my budget. Besides just having to spend more money, a big check at some of the other restaurants may have made my date uncomfortable. Thanks for all the input everyone, I’ll try to remember to post a review when all’s done.

Oh, and for some reason, I liked the instructional videos and active blog on the Lucques website. It gave me the impression that these people wanted to share their passion for food with everyone, with people who don’t just dine-out but also cook-in.

Mar 15, 2013
AeneasWalks in Los Angeles Area

Date Night Recommendation

I meant $150 total but I'm willing to spend more if the experience is really worth it. I would put my upper limit at $250 but we'd really have to have our minds blown.

We're really looking to stay away from places that are stuffy or could be perceived as pretentious. Thanks for the Lucques suggestion, that looks like it could be promising - can't do much more research while at work.

I might add that the restaurants I listed (Providence, Melisse, Bazaar) were suggested by a friend who's more into the $$$$ category than I am. I'm definitely looking for more suggestions. Thanks, guys. Appreciate the help.

Mar 14, 2013
AeneasWalks in Los Angeles Area

Date Night Recommendation

Hey Hounds,

I'll be visiting a romantic interest in LA for the better part of a week and am looking for a good date night place. We've already made plans for most of my visit but I'd like to take some time to bring her on a proper date and make her feel like a lady.

I'm looking for a restaurant where we can get a little dressy but also be comfortable and intimate. I'm looking to spend up to about $150, but that doesn't mean I have to. My first priority is for the both of us to enjoy the night and have a memorable experience. Neither of us think that great food has to come with a big price tag.

I'm looking outside Downtown LA since that's where we're staying and it'd be nice for a change of pace. A restaurant with an outdoor space/view is a big bonus. We're open to all types of foods. Last criteria is that I'll be able to reserve a table from about one week out.

Some restaurants that I've researched/was suggested were La Botte, Providence, Melisse, and The Bazaar.

Can anyone make any other suggestions or comment on the ones above? Much appreciated.

Mar 13, 2013
AeneasWalks in Los Angeles Area