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Steamed Fish with Chickpeas and Currants

I usually try not to review recipes when I did not make them as written, but we were so happy with this one that I will. I used Mahi for this, and thought it was a good fish to soak up the flavored oil but still be firm.

I did not use the preserved lemons...I thought I had some and of course when everything is cooking, I didn't. I also did not use the clam juice...same as the lemons. However, a shot of fresh lemon juice and homemade vegetable stock did well here. I think the preserved lemons would really add something extra, though. I don't feel like I missed the clam juice.

A great weeknight dinner that was interesting and fun instead of a dull steamed fish. I think the flavored oil was the winner - I'd like to try that exact oil with other dishes as well. Very happy with this.

Mar 27, 2013
jvalentine22 in Recipes

Brussels Sprouts and Lemon Risotto

Just made this last night and we thought it was quite good. Had to substitute raisins for the figs since we did not have any on hand, and I used all vegetable stock instead of adding water. Otherwise made as is and we loved it. A very fun, different way to use brussels sprouts. The lemon and raisins gave it a very bright flavor. Worth the time, and easy to adjust to taste (the maple syrup trick from the reviewer below works like a champ if you end up feeling it is too lemony).

Mar 06, 2013
jvalentine22 in Recipes