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San Sebastian - gluten free mid-range lunch/dinner (...& pintxos?)

Wow, would you say the other reply is misinformed about there being plenty of pintxos that are gluten free from the kitchen? I'm also surprised to hear that eating out is so difficult for your friends - everyone I've spoken to has said that Spain and Basque country is among the most accommodating in the world...and the restaurants I've been in contact with didn't seem thrown by my requests and questions at all. Would you say it's a pervasive issue? Or are the higher-end places probably my best bet?

Now I'm nervous!

Mar 10, 2013
annadc_maam in Spain/Portugal

San Sebastian - gluten free mid-range lunch/dinner (...& pintxos?)

Hello all! I hope I'm not asking questions that have been covered in too much depth in the past. I searched and couldn't find much, so any suggestions would be helpful.

I know it's early, but my boyfriend and I are doing a 6 night, 7 day trip in mid-July to San Sebastian, where our whole focus is on the food. I've already made a reservation for lunch at Akelarre and I'm waiting on confirmation for a dinner Zuberoa reservation. We're also planning on dinners at Bodegon Alejandro and Elkano.

First part of my question: I have celiac disease (i.e., I cannot eat gluten). All of the above restaurants have been recommended as accommodating, though I know tasting menus may or may not be available to me. Because of this, we're mostly doing lunch and dinners at actual restaurants. Does anyone have recs for good places that aren't insanely pricey (30-50E/person avg)? Some ideas I've found are:

- Narru
- Ibai
- Casa Urbano
- Restaurant Astelena
- Bokado
- Ni Neu
- Zelai Txiki

Which of these are worth it? Or other suggestions? We prefer a mix of modern/innovative and simple/traditional food, and obviously places that don't rely heavily on bread/breads/batters and/or are happy to make accommodations (without losing the essence of the meal).

But then the SECOND part of my question is that my very patient and non-celiac boyfriend is still interested in doing at least one pintxos crawl (and I agree it's an essential experience!) But is there anything I can eat in any bar? I know I can probably get jamon or olives-and-anchovies, but I'm concerned that cross contamination would be high and that all the bread pintxos would be pure torture. I've heard whisperings that Bar La Vida offers non-bread based pintxos, but can't get confirmation. Anyone have any experience with GF pintxos (or lack thereof)?

Thank you in advance!

Mar 06, 2013
annadc_maam in Spain/Portugal