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Soda Pop Store

Yeah, it is mainly root beer, though there is some other obscure stuff there. I bought some Moxie there last fall, as well as some East German-styled clear soda. Jim's is a real surprise!

What metro area liquor store has the best liquor section?

I never considered Lowry Hill - I will check it out for yellow Chartreuse. Thanks!

State of Pizza in Minnesota

What about Broder's? It is probably the most authentic NY slice you can get in the TC.

Grind your own peanut butter?

Linden Hills Coop has this, though I am pretty sure they offer only one type of peanut for grinding.

What metro area liquor store has the best liquor section?

I am interested in finding the store with the most comprehensive liquor section, the one where you can find yellow Chartreuse, not just green, and the lots of amari and European herbal liquors and distillations from unique sources. Surdyk's is not it, nor is South Lyndale and France 44. Where is this mythical place? Does it exist here?



The Wedge consistently has them.

Summit India rye ale

Saranac has a Rye IPA, which I had this past Christmas while on Long Island. It was perfectly okay.

Mar 03, 2010
AmityGuy1 in Beer

Jade at Midtown Market: Out of Business

This is sad. I moved here from Brooklyn 2.5 years ago and one of the things that eased the transition here was the presence of the MGM. As for Jade specifically, the food was solid. The place was kid-friendly. The owners were always nice.

48 hours in Des Moines: Where should I eat?

I had a great meal at Django. Let me clarify that - I ordered $30 braised short ribs, some soup, and two beers and the short ribs came out one hour after I ordered it. They comped it and the soup and one beer. I essentially paid $6 for a $55 meal. Serious. Maybe I looked at the meal afterward more benevolently than I should have, though I don't think so. Objectively it seemed a pretty cool place with good solid food and a good beer list. I would head there.

I also ate at the Racoon River Brewery (right next door to Django and owned, I think, buy the same family, who also own the Hotel Fort DesMoines) and it was okay. Pork Tenderloin sandwich and a wheat beer. Under $10. Insanely cheap again! And local.

Punch Pizza - MSP

Agreed. Born and bred Long Islander here, who lived just moved from Brooklyn and has eaten more great pizza than you can shake a stick at. I have never seen pizza served on some swiss cheese plate. Ever. Ninety percent of the time it is on paper, though sometimes on plastic.

As for pizza here, I haven't yet tried either Punch or Pizza Nea, having been burned one night by some atrocious junk at Uptown Pizza. I realize that the latter shouldn't be compared to the first two, though I am still smarting from the $25 pie my wife mistakenly ordered from them. Who the heck charges $25 for any pizza anywhere? It was no better than the frozen junk in the supermarket that goes for 3 for $10.

I will stick to the superb pies and cinnamon rolls here.

MSP - frozen Gnocchi

How about Broder's? Just a guess. And Bill's Imported Food on Lake has a bunch of frozen pastas (including gnocchi) in their freezer. I can't say I have tried them, though they are there.

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

StPauliGirl: You are my new favorite person for checking this out. Thank you, thank you! Bummer about not finding it, but somehow we will find it. I will begin looking for it next week.

I fell in love with Julius Meinl coffee in Vienna on my honeymoon and have only seen it at a few places in NY. I wasn't even aware of the Chicago outpost until I looked it up on the internet. That said, it is worth finding. Cafe Sabarsky, which is attached to the Neue Galerie, serves Julius Meinl coffee and it is the best tasting stuff I have had in NYC. Context is probably everything (it is a wonderful space in a wonderful museum), but I willing to find out the hard way. Thanks for all your help.

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Or Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens, where I live! Funny you mention this. I just made my last trek to Court Pastry yesterday afternoon for cannolis. Thanks for the suggestions.

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

I visited these places when we were apartment hunting this September and they looked liked good options. The mittel Europa feel of Kramarczuk's made me feel at home. Surdyk's, I noticed, also had their own label of German wine, which they apparently export. Has anyone tried this? Any good, or just sweet plonk?

Has anyone seen Julien Meinl coffee sold anywhere in the Cities?

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

This is a good lead, AZGrandpa. Does anyone have any suggestions? I suspected New Ulm might have some good options and I can pass through it when visiting the in-laws. But finding something akin to those small town places in the Twin Cities would be ideal.

Thank for passing along your advice.

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Hi, Bob S.

Thanks for responding. We are moving to the Uptown area, so the Lund's there sounds like a good bet for a few things.

German and Austrian specialties in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Hi, chowhounds:

I am moving soon from Brooklyn, NY to Minneapolis. While growing up on Long Island and living in Brooklyn, I shopped at some local German-styled stores, such as Karl Ehmer's and Schaller and Weber (where my grandfather was a butcher!).

Here goes: Where can I buy German and/or Austrian food, alcohol, desserts, and other goodies in the Twin Cities area, preferably at a local chain or independent store? Things I am thinking:

1. Jacobs coffee, Julius Meinl coffee and/or preserves;
2. Good smoked bacon (like Schaller and Weber, if not Schaller and Weber itself) and other German cold cuts (Westphalian Ham, etc.);
3. German/Austrian/Viennese pastries and/or bread;
4. German/Austrian beer (specifically a good selection of hefeweizen and pilsners);
5. German/Austrian alcohol (i.e. Schladerer Obstler, German digestifs).

I realize these all won't be in the same place and some will be in obvious places (like in a good grocery or liquor store), but I am hoping there is a good independent store or chain that I can support.

I am looking forward to the move and have been reading these boards in anticipation of eating all the good food there.


Downhill Alert - Thomas Beisl

I went for brunch this past Sunday (Marathon day) and had a great meal with great service. The roast pork shoulder with bread dumplings was spectacular (as good as my Oma's in Bavaria), as was my Goesser. My wife had steak and it was perfectly prepared. The fries were also really good.

We have never experienced bad service at Thomas Beisl in the six or seven times we have been there. If we are in the mood to be abused by comically bad service, we head most of the places on Smith Street.

This place is one of my favorites in Brooklyn and while I respect some readers negative views on this place, all is not bad. It is still a solid option.

Nov 06, 2007
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs

Best brunch in Cobble Hill metro area?

Like most places on Smith Street, Bar Tabac suffers from terrible service that couldn't care less about you. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody unless the diner in question was looking for some simulacra of what people think a french bistro looks like.

Cafe Luluc does the whole French bistro thing better with cheaper (and better) food with a somewhat constistently intact waitstaff that aren't waiting to roll their eyes at you.

Sep 24, 2007
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs

Bourdain in South Carolina

For all the praise about the show, I cannot help but feel that NR seems to suffer a bit when AB stays stateside. He seems to come across as less interested where he is (barring the Iceland and Sicily episodes). Maybe his love for traveling large distances comes through more clearly, but it seemed that he was just riffing on stuff in reaction to what people already knew about SC rather than going in with wide-eyed wonder and speaking proactively. The RR comments, the Sara Lee snarkiness, the NYC blogger comments, etc. kind of painted a picture of his boredom, I think. I could be way off base. I enjoy NR most without all the food-media baggage creeping into his dialogue. I thought it was a subpar episode.

Sep 21, 2007
AmityGuy1 in Food Media & News

good food near riverhead, LI

I wholeheartedly agree with Funcho's and the Snowflake for cheap options. Good, solid Tex-Mex and great ice cream.

Spicy's, across from the Suffolk County Historical Society in downtown Riverhead, is also a solid option.

Pane e Vino Brunch /Recommended?

Um, no, definitely not. Brunch yesterday was by far the worst experience I have had at a place on Smith Street. Ever. The food was terrible (a VERY dry panino, no dressing on a wilted salad, no salt to speak of anywhere, french toast on a bed of lettuce (!), etc.) and the service was completely, completely inept. Our too-cool-for-school Euro-hipster waiter was completely clueless, and not in charming way. He was late taking orders, brought my very visible pregnant wife a mimosa after we specifically asked for orange juice and NOT a mimosa, brought wrong change with the bill (shortchanging me by five bucks), and disappeared, as did every staff member, when I was looking for some sort of dressing for the aforementioned dry salad. Everything combined together for a cosmically bad experience. Management either doesn't care or is equally clueless. I wouldn't wish this place upon anybody. Avoid at all costs.

May 14, 2007
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs

Orange-flavored coffee

An acquired taste, to be sure, though I acquired it and am craving it. I used to buy it at Bococa Cafe, though they no longer carry it. Sahadi's doesn't offer it, and neither does D'Amico. Does anywhere in the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Brooklyn Heights area sell this? I haven't done an extensive search yet, though the craving is growing.

Thanks in advance.

Apr 09, 2007
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs

Peter Pan's Doughnut Shop

I used to go to this place when I lived in Greenpoint in 2003/04. It was my favorite place in the neighborhood along with Thai Cafe. The thing is, we never knew it was named Peter Pan then. There was no sign on the door, no awning with a name, nothing. We just called it "The Donut Shop on Manhattan Avenue." It was so old school, with plastic coffee cups, paper aprons, etc. The donuts rocked then, and I am sure they rock now. I am suddenly hungry.

Mar 01, 2007
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs

Long Island Wineries

I would agree about Lenz. I worked as a bartender on the North Fork for two years and took tours of most of the wineries, though I would stress that this does not make me an expert, as I am not an agressive oenephile. I would say that Lenz seemed the most real of the bunch, and by that I mean it seemed they seem to focus more on wine and less on the bells and whistles of attracting tour buses racing up and down the Main Road. I like their Gewurztraminer a lot.

Best Halal Cart?

Never tried the night cart, only the day. Great stuff.

Dec 20, 2006
AmityGuy1 in Manhattan

Best Halal Cart?

I have to give a shout out to the Halal cart on 28th and Madison. Their chicken and rice platter is a great deal at $4 (no drink) and their chicken and/or lamb sandwiches ($3) are pretty awesome for the price. And even if they charged more(as rival carts in the area do), I would still frequent this one. Why? They get the spices for the meat just right. The carts in the Flatiron area can't compete with these guys.

Dec 19, 2006
AmityGuy1 in Manhattan

Vietnamese sandwiches on Atlantic Ave.

I have had both Nicky's and Hanco's pork chop bahn mi in the past week and would also give the nod to Hanco's by a nose. The bread was crustier and the meat had a nice char flavor to it, something that seemed missing at Nicky's. And the balance was nice. But I would be lying if I claimed that there was a dramatic difference between the sandwiches at both places. Both are pretty great.

Dec 19, 2006
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs

brewery tours in western mass.

Berkshire Brewing Company in South Deerfield does give a thorough tour, if not a structured one. I went twice while in graduate school - once with my old college roomate and the other time with my girlfriend-now-wife and her mother - and it was great fun both times. As of a few years ago, the tours only happened on Saturday afternoons, though I remember the owner mentioned that they sometimes let people help them bottle beer, though I believe that was on Fridays. Either way, it was fun. And you get two beers. After the tour, you can go to the top of Mt. Sugarloaf (right in town) and enjoy the view of the Connecticut River. Fun times...

Back from Rochester...

How is the Garbage Plate at Trout? I have had the honor of eating a Garbage Plate twice at the original Nick Tahou's in Roch-cha-cha. Disgusting, yes, but so good at 2am after a night on the town. I can't imagine eating one sober or before midnight, and my schedule doesn't permit that now...I am not sad about that, either!

Dec 05, 2006
AmityGuy1 in Outer Boroughs