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Dinner near Faneuil Hall

Saus was exactly what I was thinking of - small, casual, good for a bite with a friend.

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best deli corned beef and pastrami

Not LaGrassa's, I don't think. Which is really too bad.

Maine-style red dogs?

That is called a New England style hot dog roll. In many places in NE it's THE predominant form of hot dog roll.

the great croissant hunt

Re: the delivery thing, don't let that stop you. Just use a delivery service: TaskRabbit, if you can't find anything else.

I'd also go for Clear Flour Bakery in Brookline (not Flour Bakery/Cafe, that's different) for all around croissant awesomeness, but you won't get any mascarpone there. But, awesome croissants.

Beer Bribery in Boston

I read the letter before I came to this thread, thanks. Are you saying that you know that the cost to Wilcox for beer is different than what he says it is? Yes, I see that you've provided a link showing what he's charging to his customers, but that's not the same thing, is it?

Beer Bribery in Boston

It's not legal, and Wilcox said he never asked PT for anything. At this point, looks like PT has made an accusation that is not substantiated. Whether it's true is another matter, but at least one brewer (BBC) served at Bukowski's has denied that they have ever paid to play.

Beer Bribery in Boston

Pretty Things made some accusations that they richly deserved to get slapped for. Hope it stings.

Authentic Puerto Rican Pig Roast/Lechonera event 9/27 in Holyoke -- 5 pigs, yeah!

The chicken smelled SO good!!! I was full up on pork, but I want another chance at those chickens!

Saturday night dinner for one in/near Northampton or West Springfield

Lower in price and more casual, but Local Burger & Fries in Northampton is a truly splendid burger. Best place I know to get a burger.

Source for aquavit / scandinavian schnapps in greater Boston?

Oh man, I'm Swedish by ancestry and I just do not get the caraway thing. At all. It's like drinking a loaf of alcoholic rye bread.

Onion ring rec

Oh, I'm so not helpful. The best onion rings I've had in a long while were at a roadside hot dog stand that closed down a week later. I share my fellow onion ring fans' pain.

There are at least three schools of the ring:

1)Stringy, scantily battered
3)Somewhat thicker cut and more robustly battered

I'm a fan of 3), ideally with beer in the batter, but they gotta be cooked. I hate an onion ring with a raw onion in the middle of it. 1) tend to taste of nothing much but grease IME. 2) bring back bad memories of Burger King.

Fugakyu Sudbury Appalling

Nope, never been to Cafe Sushi. Sorry!

A Tale of Two Donut Shops (long)

Ah, I see. Well, I guess I'm sort of curious as to where they'd find donuts that pleased them if Ohlin's and Linda's didn't, but I'm not that curious. Chacun a son gout.

A Tale of Two Donut Shops (long)

So, it sounds like you wanted an apple cider donut (not something that donut shops specialize in), and boyfriend got frustrated because Ohlin's uses white flour and sugar, and at that point it turned into a quest for something that had nothing to donuts, and Petsi was the winner. I'm not surprised that Petsi beat Ohlin's and Linda's in a pie contest, but this is moving the goalposts just a wee tad.

Fugakyu Sudbury Appalling

When I go for sushi, I care about one thing above all else and that's the quality of the fish. Cutesy maki names and presentations aren't worth a damn if the fish isn't great. If you're the same, I've got two recommendations:

1)Irashai in Chinatown (which my coworkers call "Trashat" because it looks like that's what their sign says). Tried it for the first time last week, returned the next day for lunch. Belly. Tuna belly. Salmon belly. Hamachi belly! White tuna tataki, whoa. Excellent fish.

2)Asahi in Brighton center. Tiny, no noodles, no teriyaki, no mochi whatsis for dessert, none of that. Pretty much just sushi and sashimi. No liquor license. Excellent quality fish.

Foodie roadtrip in VT -- suggestions for stops needed!

Thanks to all - these are excellent suggestions! I can't wait for this roadtrip!

Foodie roadtrip in VT -- suggestions for stops needed!

I've got a couple days to do a foodie roadtrip in Vermont, and I could use some recommendations. I'm starting from the MA state line and my destination endpoints are the King Arthur store and the Cabot/Lake Champlain store. Got any suggestions for stops in between? My preference is for casual (I'll be camping most likely) and cheap, I'm a big fan of hard cider, and my main route will probably be Route 100 unless I have reasons to go otherwise.

Mid Priced (under $20 entree) restaurants in Williamstown Area

PUBLIC in North Adams, near MassMOCA, is one of my go-to places for food that's a cut above pub grub and a great selection of beers. Where would you be hiking, the AT?

Pioneer Valley: Thinking outside the box

Smoky Bro's is in Shelburne on Route 2, at the first "Indian Trading Post" you see on the right heading westbound, just a short distance past Old Greenfield Road on the left. Again, they're only there Friday-Sunday noon-7 pm, not in winter, and they won't be there this weekend.

Every time I've been to Bub's I've wondered where the smoke is. I'm not seeing it. Go to Smoky Bro's, there's a world of difference.

Pioneer Valley: Thinking outside the box

A couple of suggestions:

- On Route 2 in Shelburne (west of Greenfield), Smoky Bro's BBQ has the real deal. They are only open Friday-Sunday noon-7 PM, and only for a few more weekends this year (and not this coming weekend), and it's not sit-down dining (picnic tables outside), but their q is worth the wait and the drive. Bub's only virtue is that it's open year round ;-)

- In Ashfield, Countrypie Pizza is excellent.

Authentic Puerto Rican Pig Roast/Lechonera event 9/27 in Holyoke -- 5 pigs, yeah!

It was delicious, and a great value! The farm is a really beautiful place, too. I really hope the lechonera becomes a thing!

Looking for whole animals

You might also try looking on the website of CISA (community involved in sustaining agriculture), which has a list of farms by products - that will get you more sources. Nowadays here in WMa you can't swing a cat without hitting someone raising local meat.

Looking for whole animals

When you say "whole animals", do you want the entire carcass? Or are you (like most people) looking to buy it butchered and packaged in cuts? Is there any particular reason why you want the whole animal? Just because it's a volume purchase?

A few options in MA:

Hagar's Farm Market in Shelburne has a custom beef program, you buy it, they raise it, they process it - http://hagersfarmmarket.net/?page_id=...

Wheelview Farm in Shelburne does not sell halves or quarters (they explain why) but does volume sales - http://www.wheelviewfarm.com/product.htm

Gray Dog's Farm in Huntingdon has wholesale pricing on half/whole animals (pork, veal, cabrito and lamb) - http://www.graydogsfarm.com/

Big E: 2014 food finds

Wow. Together??? Where did you find THAT?

Authentic Puerto Rican Pig Roast/Lechonera event 9/27 in Holyoke -- 5 pigs, yeah!

Facebook event created, many friends invited -- here's hoping we get lots more!

Heirloom apples, *not* PYO

If you're willing to make the drive, Clarkdale Fruit Farm in Shelburne MA grows a huge variety of apples (see http://www.clarkdalefruitfarms.com/fr...). Let me know if you're planning on making the trip and I'll give you my list of local food places not to miss while you're here!


Ohlin's just edged Linda's and Verna's for best donuts in our donut taste test.

I guess it all makes a kind of sense. All the classic donut shops sell great donuts for a reasonable price, and you just can't do that if you're paying downtown Boston rents, unfortunately.


Thanks for the Donut Dip tip!


Yeah, same here. Foofy flavors, $3.50 a pop, not made on site...nah. Especially the last - freshness is crucial in a donut. I'll try it, but I don't think this is a win.

lunches and dinners in greenfield

I believe MV was started by former PP employees.