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Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

My picks, and I can only remember the name of one of them:

- Pampas in Central Square, the first place I had rodizio.
- This Brazilian restaurant that was on Jersey Street in the West Fens. Tiny place, did a great feijoada. I forget the name.
- Sushi bar on Newbury, between Gloucester and Hereford as I recall, right side of the street as you're headed outbound - chef's name was Hiro (ha, yeah, right, super helpful, I know) and he was the best.

Sonny Boy in Washington Square: Brookline adds another Breakfast stop


I'm so there.

Local sources for prime grade, whole packer briskets

I'll be interested to hear what you find. At the retail level, I know McKinnon's can hook you up with a good packer-cut brisket...they speak the language and understand that "brisket" != "brisket flat" (give me my point you damn brisket thieves!).

Seeking grass-fed steaks served at Boston restaurants

IN Boston, no, but outside of Boston it's worth looking at Woods Hill Table in Lexington. Steak is not a regular menu item for them, though. I expect it's pricey everywhere, that's why I prefer to grill my own, but I understand why it would be nice to get it in a restaurant too.

True Japanese-trained sushi chefs?

If you spent ten years in Japan, you know that "gaijin" is an impolite term. Why do you use it?

True Japanese-trained sushi chefs?

If you want "true, Japanese-formally-trained", you want "toro", and you want "affordable", I'd suggest that you need to trim your expectations a bit. Both the training and the product come at a price; moaning about the fact is not appropriate.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

Clear Flour. Not Flour. Not related to Flour, except for that word. Skip H Mart. Just go to Clear Flour. I have not had pain aux raisins there, but everything I've had has been excellent.

Chestnut Flour

Buyer, beware. Chinese markets carry WATER chestnut flour, which AFAIK is not the same thing as castagna.

Throat Coat tea?

Traditional Medicinals teas are a lifesaver! Gypsy Cold Care is amazing stuff if you're congested. Harvest Coop for sure.


What about MetroWest? Route 2 between Belmont (Linda's and Ohlin's) and Greenfield (home of the most excellent Adams Donuts) is Real Donut Wasteland, near as I can tell.

is quan's in boston closed? passed by a few times but was dark...

If so...this will make me sad.

Authentic Puerto Rican Pig Roast/Lechonera event 9/27 in Holyoke -- 5 pigs, yeah!

Nuestras Raices is a community organization, not a restaurant. I don't think they were ever intending to run the lechonera on an ongoing basis. I hope it does find a home somewhere.

The perfect Concord/Lincoln morning

It doesn't offend me if, as you state, your dogs are perfectly behaved in every single situation when they are off the leash. Mind you, that's a bit of a stretch to believe, but if it's really true -- if your dogs have been trained to always return to you when they see another person and not approach that person unless given permission, if they will not ever chase wildlife, etc. -- then I have no problem with it. I will point out, however, that the increased restrictions are almost certainly in response to a real problem.

The perfect Concord/Lincoln morning

Actually, Mount Misery is more liberal than most, simply stating that dogs must be "suitably controlled" at all times (except in pastures where they must be leashed). From lots of trails experience, though, I'd caution that even a well-behaved dog will not behave well when off the leash in an area that's not their home territory. They don't know what's theirs and what's not theirs, and any rules you have for home do not apply here. If they find something that interests them, they will pursue it no matter what you do (can't tell you the number of doting dog owners I've met on trails saying "Come here Fido stop that Fido don't roll in that Fido leave that alone Fido he's really a nice dog now stop jumping Fido put that down Fido that's not yours Fido" etc etc etc. You may know (or believe) that your dogs are nice and harmless, but I've seen plenty of "nice", "harmless", "well-behaved" dogs:

- chase wildlife (in a wildlife sanctuary)
- bark and act aggressively/territorially towards other people
- jump up on people, including those who were too small or frail and who were knocked down
- approach people who were clearly not comfortable with being approached (possibly because of a previous bad experience with a dog)
- lift a leg on something that's not theirs (like my pack...yes, this actually happened, while the nitwit owner did the "Come here Fido stop that Fido etc.", and then yelled at me when I told him his dog was supposed to be on a leash. NO, he didn't offer to clean up after his dog)
- get into serious trouble with hazards, toxic substances, swift-running streams, or wildlife capable of fighting back

I'm a dog-lover, but I find it indefensible for dog owners in letting their dogs off leash in areas where that's clearly prohibited. Believing that there's no harm done does not make it so.

Yelp for Pure Entertainment: Erbaluce

As my old granddad used to say, "This is not a competition to see who's the worst."

Good fried chicken in W Mass?

Hattie's has been excellent for decades. But yeah, that trip is not just to get fried chicken.

Yelp for Pure Entertainment: Erbaluce

Bit of a smugfest going on in here.

Destination: Donuts

Every donutterie worth mentioning that I can think of -- Verna's, Ohlin's, Linda's, etc. -- has either no seating, or it's just nothing "exciting" (ugly tables, formica, a crowd that's low on the charm index). Sorry :-(

Good fried chicken in W Mass?

Fried chicken and pie? FRIED CHICKEN AND PIE???

That's it. I'm there. Thank you.

Good fried chicken in W Mass?

Flying Chicken is AWESOME. I was actually looking for something closer so that I would not break down and drive all the way to Troy (I live near Greenfield).

Good fried chicken in W Mass?

People complain about the lack of decent barbecue in New England, but for my money there's a lot less decent fried chicken. Can anyone name a single decent execution of fried chicken, preferably a simple place and not some artisanal we're-from-brooklyn-and-we-just-reinvented-fried-chicken-for-$40 place. And no chains. Chains use crappy chicken, so no matter how well it's prepared, you're still biting into a piece of rubbery spongy salt-water-injected bleh. And no tenders or patties or skinless boneless nuggety garbage. Chicken. Fried. With bones in it. Does it exist in this neck of the woods?

Good and old school.

Second Pagliuca's. I used to go there a lot, for the fresh fusilli. Fusilli with meat sauce, mmm.

Locally Made Pepperoni

Second this. VT Smoke and Cure can be found in retail locations in WMass.

Don't Waste Your Allowance on Ordinary Sweets! Hold Out for the Good Stuff; Hold Out for Paris Baguette!

That's about the time. I'm a working person, that's when I would be stopping by, before work. I don't want a cronut at 7 pm. Who are they selling to, trust fund college kids with no need to be anywhere at a particular hour?

Don't Waste Your Allowance on Ordinary Sweets! Hold Out for the Good Stuff; Hold Out for Paris Baguette!

Every time I go here, what's in the case does not include cronuts and looks downright sad. Oh well.

Boston Public Market Proposal

1) It's "cachet". A "cache" is a hiding place.
2) Not that anyone cares, but if the prize is some special-snowflake "yes, dear, you're 'world class'" prize, I ain't playin'.

(excuse the grumpiness...I really do like the idea, I just hate the whole "world class city" crap)

CSA Guide?

You might want to look at the CISA (not CSA) website at http://www.buylocalfood.org/. They have a CSA guide at http://www.buylocalfood.org/buy-local... broken down by type of CSA, as well as other helpful resources.

Best ice cream in Boston is..

Funny, that's the experience I have had consistently at JP Lick's various locations. Attitude and more attitude. Very "I hate the public".

Best Easter candy?

Winfrey's would be GREAT, if I could get up there! Alas, stuck without a car this week.

Local knowledge needed: beer near University of Puget Sound, Tacoma

Thanks, GreenYoshi, we'll probably visit those. I'm also looking for places to buy beer and take back, but there doesn't seem to even be a 7-11 nearby. Any ideas?

Mar 23, 2015
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