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Canard a la presse in Toronto?

In the recent Toronto life article it said they used Muscovies.

Canard a la presse in Toronto?

Does Edulis use the Rouen breed? We grew Rouens and this is the preferred duck for canard a la presse, as unlike other commercial breeds (Pekin, Muscovy) there is very little fat on the breast. This would make a huge difference in preparing the dish, as with any other breed you would end up with excess fat that could not render with the very quick initial roasting.

As an aside, i would also recommend that after the duck has been killed (by breaking the neck) it should be french aged (hung with feathers, guts etc intact) for 3-4 days. Incredible flavor.

Canard a la presse in Toronto?'s $3000

Canard a la presse in Toronto?

The classic dish would be almost impossible in Toronto, as the preferred breed of duck is a Rouen, which is very slow growing and not raised commercially. Secondly, the ducks must be strangled to retain the blood used in the sauce.

However there are 4 restaurants that make the certifiable dish, but they are in Quebec:

On another note, I am actually preparing this dish with farm raised Rouens, as well as improvising a press with approx 88lbs of pressure for a dinner this year.

I hope this helps!