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Any memories of "poor people food" from your childhood that you still crave?

Sounds like traditional French Canadian food to me. I grew up eating most of this, except for the deer.

Jul 22, 2015
danoc in General Topics

coffee shop in north austin or round rock

Stop in Georgetown at Cianfrani's...on the Square.

Jan 29, 2011
danoc in Austin

Do you use cloth napkins?

We have 4 kids and use cloth napkins approx. 90% of the time. We both work full-time and I dislike laundry immensely, but a few cloth napkins added to our loads is a TINY job in our family. We also have napkin rings for each family member. We actually were spurred to do it by our youngest who (like another poster's child) also went to a school that really taught "green" practices. Really not as complicated or fancy as it seems...

Feb 02, 2009
danoc in Not About Food

Texas foods that travel

I like the products from Texas Traditions. We send them as gifts to friends out of state and they're always appreciated.

Dec 20, 2008
danoc in Austin

Does anyone like fruitcake?

Collin Street Bakery makes the only fruitcake I crave, the one with Apricot and Pecans. No fake red and green bits. Since it is pecan country, the nuts are large and meaty and the apricots are not cloyingly sweet. Really delicious. And, if you don't eat it, you can keep it and use it as a doorstop or a home protection weapon. It's that dense!

Nov 24, 2008
danoc in General Topics

Anything Worth While @ Exit 152 (RR/Austin)

Zorba's next door to Chola is also good. For a glass of wine and a brief hang out, best bet would be Main Street Grill. On Main Street (of course) in downtown Round Rock.

Sep 19, 2008
danoc in Austin

English v. French in Montreal [split from Quebec]

We had a terrific vacation in Quebec this summer and received only warm, welcoming service from all waiters around the province. We spent most of our time in Quebec City where our four children all attempted to speak (very!) rudimentary French. They were encouraged and coached by several waiters.

Have a great time in Quebec. We had a blast, my kids want to move there!!!

Sep 16, 2008
danoc in Not About Food

first sonic in minnesota, what the..?

Whatever all you haters!!!!

Chili Cheeseburger + mustard and onions = Delicious
Onion Rings
Cherry Limeade vs. Chocolate Malt

There's a time and place for everything.'s time for SONIC!

Aug 05, 2008
danoc in Chains

Kid Party - Any Suggestions For Snacks?

I'm late too...but my son's favorite treat for parties is little smokies (or any small sausage/hot dog) wrapped in canned crescent rolls--perfect sized pig in a blanket for small kids.

Jul 29, 2008
danoc in General Topics

Who makes the best coconut cream pie in town?

Thanks yum72!

Told ya!

Jul 25, 2008
danoc in Austin

Who makes the best coconut cream pie in town?

I chime in rarely and let it go when this place was under discussion recently, but I am not kidding, I would drive MILES for the Coconut Cream Pie at the Monument Cafe in Georgetown. Crust unremarkable, serving only as a perfect vehicle for the clearly homemade, yummy custard and the real whipped cream. THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Jul 24, 2008
danoc in Austin

Roadtrip between Austin and Shreveport on Hwy 79

I like Stacy's BBQ in Jacksonville as well.

Jun 25, 2008
danoc in Texas

Time-Warp: Rat Pack Food?

sounds like Joe DiMaggio's at the Domain. Atmosphere fits...maybe too expensive.

Jun 20, 2008
danoc in Austin

NY Deli in Austin

Hi Poutine4e,

Any luck finding a Poutine around here? We're headed to Quebec next week and are looking forward to a real Poutine!!!

Jun 17, 2008
danoc in Austin


Zorba's in Round Rock---mmmm.... By Home Depot

Also, Byblos in Pflugerville. Different (Lebanese vs. Greek) but also quite good. Try both and compare!

Jun 01, 2008
danoc in Austin

What Austin-y gift would you send someone?

very nice quality and interesting products. jams, rubs, etc... Based out of Central Texas.

May 28, 2008
danoc in Austin

Plaka Cafe in Georgetown

It's been open for about a month I believe. I've been there twice and enjoyed it both times. The menu is a bit confusing to me, on the board above the serving line there are lots photos with no names. Most of the food is very good. It's always been fresh and well-seasoned. They have a side of lima beans that seems to come standard with each meal. Sounded gross, but they were actually quite good.

My kids gave it a big thumbs up. The people running the place seem genuinely happy to receive their guests/patrons. Also, I don't think anything was above $9 so the price is right!!!

May 13, 2008
danoc in Austin

Best Breakfast Place In Town??

The Monument is moving to the old car dealership just south of the square on Austin Ave. Looks like really cool plans for a green building with a lot more space and parking.

May 13, 2008
danoc in Austin

Lake George, NY

to add to this thread...any places with nice outdoor eating for the summer? preferably with a view??? nice place to spend a bit of time on a sunny afternoon?

Puppy Themed Food [moved from L.A. board]

I'm having a puppy party in September at the request of my then to be six year old. I'll follow this post and get ideas also.

ArikeD--What's Puppy Chow? I'm assuming you don't mean Purina.

May 07, 2008
danoc in General Topics

great outdoor dining with a baby?

I'm assuming anywhere you are in public your children will be well-behaved. We have had lovely meals at Eastside Cafe with our four mostly polite children. If they were not on their best behaviour, they would be promptly removed from that or any situation. It doesn't matter if we're outdoors or not.

Here's the thing...they love fresh vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, artichoke manicotti, and the raspberry vinagrette on their salads. They deserve to eat this food too instead of the nasty fried, processed food and fries that most restaurants offer as "Kid Food."

Try Eastside Cafe with your well-behaved child. I assure you that you will be treated with kindness by the staff and that other patrons will be delighted to see children eating real food. We've only had good experiences.

May 06, 2008
danoc in Austin

great outdoor dining with a baby?

Don't forget Eastside Cafe

Also, for those of you with older kids who might be willing to take a drive on a pretty afternoon/evening, my kids enjoy both of the restaurants in Walburg, north of Georgetown.

The Walburg Merchantile--German food, beer, large outdoor tent with live German music and a dance floor receptive to kids.

Dale's Essenhaus--delicious burgers, beer, often live music, playscape and a basketball court for the kids.

May 05, 2008
danoc in Austin

Nashville--two fabulous dinners

I was at Watermark the same night as you. Had the same experience, EXCELLENT! I had the delicious salad with the melted brie-like cheese, roasted pecans and maple vinagrette. Service was inobtrusive yet attentive. I had the filet mignon, perfectly medium rare. (almost ordered the corvino--you made me wish I had...) The vanilla flan was out of this world!!!!!!!!!!

My only complaint was the volume, it was hard to carry on a conversation. Apparently, I'm getting old (-:

Apr 22, 2008
danoc in General South Archive

Anyone know if or when Athenian Grill is opening up again

I don't know about this, but if anyone is up north, there's a brand new place----Plaka Greek Cafe in Georgetown. I think it opened last week. I ate there once over the weekend and it was delicious. Nice and fresh. Excellent veggies. Good tabouleh. It's at the corner of Williams Drive and I-35 on the northwest corner. They had several desserts that looked good--I'll go check them out and report back!

Apr 02, 2008
danoc in Austin

Best Breakfast Place In Town??

I'm so glad you liked it lmwolfie. It's like an old-fashioned diner with a conscious. I love taking my kids there, it's food I feel good about feeding them.

Now you'll have to make a trip back for lunch or dinner. The pies are DIVINE!!! All homemade. I strongly suggest the Coconut Cream.

Mar 31, 2008
danoc in Austin

Best Breakfast Place In Town??

In Georgetown, the Monument Cafe is unbeatable. Nicer diner atmosphere, very clean and spacious. Locally owned and they use local or organic produce and milk. Lots of pancakes, omelets, serious oatmeal. If you're ever in town later in the day, a stop just for the coconut cream pie is worth the trip. Homemade and ADDICTIVE!!!

Mar 25, 2008
danoc in Austin

Driving North to Montreal

Thanks TonyO. Looks great! We're excited about the drive. Our four children, born and raised in relatively flat Central Texas, will have lots to look at as we drive through the mountains.

Driving North to Montreal

We'll be traveling with 4 kids from Albany to Montreal in late June (after flying in from Texas.) Kids will be worn out and wanting to be outdoors. They're well behaved in a restaurant. Any suggestions for restaurants where we could be outside or at least have place for the kids to run around before or after we eat a decent meal?

Who have the best pie for holiday?

Coconut Cream Pie at Monument Cafe is DIVINE! Real whipped cream, homemade pie crust, nice toasted coconut. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 20, 2008
danoc in Austin

New New Italian Options in Austin, Which Ones Stack Up?

My husband and I had our worst meal in years recently at Romeo's in Georgetown. It's such a lovely building but the food and the service were reprehensible. We will NEVER go back.

Mar 18, 2008
danoc in Austin