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Finally, a Not-Too-Sweet Granola

Wait, but how many grams of sugar are there per serving? Yay for natural sweeteners though!

Oct 21, 2011
pameluhh in Features

when i leave sf, i miss...

hey norcal-ers! i'm a los angeles chowhound traveling to sf in august. i saw the earlier post " Help wanted with a tentative itinerary for Yountville/Napa + SF in late August" but the choices are a bit pricey for me. what are the some CHEAP sf must-eats? looking for everything, but especially desserts. keep in mind, the food in la is awesome, so suggest places up to the challenge!


Good Restaurant for Prom

Most of my friends go to Mi Piace (Italian), but I personally don't think it's that great. Cafe Santorini (Mediterranean) is alright. I've heard great things about Maison Akira (French/Japanese) Ruth's Chris Steakhouse is good, but maybe a bit heavy before a dance. Hope you have a great prom!

Mar 23, 2008
pameluhh in Los Angeles Area

best pre-entree bread

sometime's pre-entree bread is the best part of the meal! pre-entree bead is the free bread you get before the meal.

my favorite is from sesame grill in arcadia.

what's your favorite?

Mar 21, 2008
pameluhh in Los Angeles Area

where to buy thanksgiving dinner?

Hey everyone. Where's a good place to buy thanksgiving dinner? (I know its kind of a sin not to cook, but I have a small family and none of us can cook well) I've had the dinners from Vons and Honeybaked already, so I'd like to try something new. I was brainstorming maybe Marie Callendar's or Whole Foods. Any comments or suggestions? Thank you!

Nov 12, 2007
pameluhh in Los Angeles Area