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Bologna and...Parma?

I have to second the recommendation to visit Parma. We stayed there 4 nights in May and had a wonderful time! We also ate at Trattoria del Tribunale and had a wonderful dinner... dont forget the torta fritta to go along with the mixed charcuterie, its delicious!

Parma is also a beautiful little town to walk around, so I don't think you'll have a hard time filling a day there.

Oct 19, 2013
AshleyMarie in Italy

Post tap-room tour dinner recommendation

My in laws are visiting in a few weekends and we are taking them tap-room-hopping (thinking steel toe, Fulton, indeed, and dangerous man). We live out in the burbs so we don't get out for dinner in that area often - any recommendations?

My husband and I love the twin cities food scene but the in laws are bit more reserved. I'm looking for something local, but not more than $30 per person.

Small towns/ hidden gems between Parma and Milano Malpensa Airport?

My husband and I are spending 5 days in Parma, before a quick over night near the Malpensa airport followed by 9 days in France. We are planning on driving up from Parma to the Cardano Al Campo area (where we're staying before our morning flight out of Malpensa). I'm not planning on venturing into Milan (even though it sounds great, we just dont have enough time), but i'm wondering if there are any interesting little towns between Parma and Cardano that are worth wandering through. Any hidden gems (eg small restaurants, winery, dairy, deli shop, etc).

Mar 30, 2013
AshleyMarie in Italy

Best food city in ER – Parma, Bologna, Modena, other?

My husband and I will be spending a week in the ER in May (a semi honeymoon, since we stayed local in Minnesota for our initial honeymoon) and I’m trying to pick a city for home base (we prefer to pick one location to stay in, rather than moving each night, etc). From browsing through the forums regarding ER restaurants, it seems like the best options are in the countryside, which is fine be me, because I love to get out and explore (we are planning on renting a car anyway).
But I’m having a tough time picking which city to actually stay in. So I’m looking for advice on which city people think has better restaurants and farmers markets to offer (we’re planning on renting an apartment as well, as we also enjoy cooking). Personally, I picked ER as a food destination, so the other tourist sites are not as important to me, though they are a nice bonus. I want to experience the cheese, ham, pasta, etc of the region as best we can.
We are flying into Bologna on a Saturday, and heading to Milan to catch an overnight train to Paris the following Thursday or Friday.
Recommendations/ Opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 01, 2013
AshleyMarie in Italy