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coffee in Shanghai

Hi - here are some Shanghai recs:

1. Sumerian - opened by an SF guy- good but limited selection
2. Cafe Dan - Japanese style
3. Rumours -Japanese style no expresso but drip
4. Caffein (carries intelligentsia coffee) - decent expresso

coffee in Beijing

Agree wholeheartedly. If you look beyond starbucks/coffee bean and keep an open mind, there are some gems to be found.

Shanghai -- some high end and low end recommendations for a US traveler who has never been...

High End:

1) Fu 1088 - great fine dining Shanghainese in a renovated old mansion. Reservations are essential and each table is in a private room so there is a minimum charge of $60-70 per person. Be sure to get the red cooked pork, crab roe crostini, smoked pomfret fish, amongst others.

2) Whampoa Garden- also fine dining, set on a location right on the bund. Very refined Shanghainese cuisine.

3) Lost Heaven - Yunnan cuisine. Not super high end, more of a mid range place.

Not sure if you're looking for Western high end cuisine so I've ommitted it here.

Mid range/Low end:

1) Jesse's - this is more of mid range place but it features all the favorite home cooked staple dishes in Shanghai.

2) Jia Jia Tang bao - low end, soup dumplings.

3) Yang's fried dumplings - low end, delicious pan fried dumplings.

4) Ding tai feng - more mid range, in a nicer setting. While its a Shanghai outpost of a Taiwan chain, its reliable, consistent, good service in a clean setting.

Other posts on this topic will come up with the most of the foregoing recs. These are the places I take all visiting friends!

coffee in Beijing

Thats a pretty broad generalization as there are several niche coffee places in Shanghai that are really quite good (for example, Sumerian is stellar). As this is a post for Beijing in particular, we're giving recommendations for solely Beijing, where it is hard to find good coffee.

Alaskan King Crab in Anchorage or Seward Recs?

I love crab so I'm excited to eat some Alaskan King crabs when I go to Alaska for a cruise next month. Any recs for restaurants that serve stellar King Crabs in or around Anchorage or Seward? Thank you!

Shanghai Help with Restaurant Recommendation

Yes, this is a good option if you've never had Yunnan food before. Its a midrange (in terms of cost) restaurant with nice ambience. Great for groups or a date.

You can also try the Lost Heaven on the Bund which is a five minute walk from your hotel. I think the food is better at the Gaoyou Lu location, but the rooftop bar is really quite nice at the bund location.

English equivalent openrice website for Shanghai?

I have yet to find one but you can try using with the googletranslate function on.

Otherwise, try the following:;;; I often refer to these sites for restaurant reviews and recs.

Seoul - Birthday Cake recommendations

Great thanks for your help!

Seoul - Birthday Cake recommendations

I am traveling to Seoul for a friend's birthday and was wondering if anyone has recommendations on where to get a good birthday cake in Seoul? Prefer higher end rather than the cakes you get at large chain bakeries (ie Tous).

China- General restaurant/food questions.

Street Food in Shanghai is tough one-- I avoid it at all costs. Its not like Taiwan or Thailand where you can eat off the street stalls and be somewhat ok.

I do have a weak stomach though and the only exception I've found to be are the skewers late night off the street or the morning "jian bing" which is a breakfast pancake that they put egg, crispy tofu skin and other bits into a pancake.

Use your discretion and just go to the street food places that have been previously frequented by bloggers and guides.

You'll be fine at any of the Yang's dumplings. When in doubt just point and look and they'll get it.

Buy bottled water to be safe.

best area for foodie in Beijing?

Made in China is also a great restaurant for duck and other Beijing foods located at the Grand Hyatt! Most people want a more raw experience than the refinement at a hotel, but the duck definitely ranks up there amongst the best in Beijing!

coffee in Beijing

There's a place in the village complex in the sanlitun area called Fish eye cafe that has good coffee.

best area for foodie in Beijing?

The Grand Hyatt is probably a good place to stay as its kind of a midway point between all the sites. There's a subway downstairs beneath the mall structure. Its a trek to go anywhere in Beijing... Duck De Chine (Peking duck), Da Dong (Traditional Peking duck served but with nouveau Chinese dishes), Maison Boulud, Tiandi Yijia, Li Jia Cai are probably a good ten minute drive away from the hotel (30 min with the god awful traffic there of course). Green T House, Ding ding xiang Hot Pot, are all 20-30 minutes away. Within the mall thats underneath the Grand Hyatt there are several food options as well.

best area for foodie in Shanghai?

Stay at or around the Puli Hotel or Portman Ritz on Puxi side in Shanghai. Xiao Yang's fried dumplings/ Ding Tai Feng dumplings are short walks and the Lao Ji Shi and the Fu restaurants are 10 minute cab rides away.

The expat area within the French Concession is around Wulumuqi and Anfu Roads. There are plenty of decent Western restaurants in the area and the closest large hotel chains around here are the Hilton and the newly opened 12 Hengshan (part of Starwood's Luxury Collection). Its a nice place to walk around. If you are in the mood for some French food and pastries, definitely go to Franck's and its newly opened bakery, Farine. Franck's cote de boeuf is delicious. Reservations are essential. Farine's banana chocolate pastry pie is like a mini banoffee tasty!