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Dinner in Hollywood -- area around Grauman's...

Taking a group of teenagers to LA and part of our itinerary is to go to Grauman's and do that Hollywood thing around dinner time. We have been scheduled to eat at The Hard Rock, which I think is repulsive. The leader wants us to be on foot in the neighborhood and is only willing to consider someplace else if we can get there on foot (she doesn't want to deal with driving/parking elsewhere). Please help save us! Any suggestions? Thanks!

Apr 02, 2014
MsAmyKS in Los Angeles Area

DC Weekend Eats

There will be a group of 9 of us, 6 teenagers 3 adults, in the DC over a weekend. We will be eating a fair amount of hotel food but will be shaken free for some meals. Most of us have traveled together before and know that we would rather have something local and Road Food 'ish than something corporate and typical what-you-think-teenagers-would-want. We are staying in Arlington close to the airport but are fine taking transit.We will also have free time in Georgetown, the National Mall and Pentagon Row. Suggestions?