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Lunch is Las Vegas

My husband and I are heading to Las Vegas for the weekend and have already made our dinner plans at Le Cirque and RIck Moonens place but did not plan for lunch. We are staying at the Mandarin Oriental and would like something in that end of town. Anybody have suggestions for a great lunch?

Apr 30, 2013
PrincessaMel1976 in Las Vegas

Private dining space for 15 in the valley

I am in search of a space to host our daughters 21st birthday party in June. We would really like a private room that seats 15-20 max. If anyone has a great idea, please share

Best Fine Dining in LA

We have been to Providence and Melisse, looking for something new

Best Fine Dining in LA

My husband and I are in a dining rut and looking to branch from our usual favorites. We are regulars at Mozza, Hatfields, The Foundry and places like that. Looking for something different. Maybe new? Maybe an old favorite. Thinking about Cooks County or WP24