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Maple Buttercream

This works for me every time but the butter must be cool, yet malleable. I start with only 1/2 of the maple syrup in the mixer and then add them other half while the mixer is going. If you want to spend less $$ on the frosting, use pancake syrup instead. Or if you have maple flavoring, use corn syrup instead of the maple syrup and add some maple flavoring until it tastes good to you. I have only used real maple syrup but as a baking instructor, I am confident that both the pancake syrup and the corn syrup methods would be just fine. Most commercial bakeries certainly don't use real maple syrup because it is cost prohibitive.

Feb 27, 2013
SunnySanDiego in Recipes

Spiced Apple Cupcakes

I love this recipe. I make them as muffins with an oat, brown sugar streusel before they go in the oven or as cupcakes with the maple frosting. The maple frosting works every time as long as the butter is COOL. The butter should still be somewhat firm, but malleable - that is the trick to good buttercream. As for the apples, there is no reason to salt them. Just put them in a flour sack towel and wring them (slightly!) just until they are not dripping. For heavens sake, drink the juice! The baking time is spot on but for both cupcakes and muffins, I increase the spices. One batch makes about 15 standard sized cupcakes or 12 mushroomed muffins. As for frosting, when I double the recipe for cupcakes, I make 1.5 times the recipe of frosting. They get rave reviews all the time. Think apple pie and add allspice and nutmeg, too!

Feb 24, 2013
SunnySanDiego in Recipes