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Best Cupcake in NH/MA?

So, where can I get the best cupcake in Southern NH or Northern MA? I want to do an all-cupcake "wedding cake." I don't mind if they won't arrange it for me--I can buy a tierd serving platter for it, worst comes to worst. I'm more concerned with the actual cupcake being absolutely luscious. I'm not down for the $450 beautiful wedding cake that tastes like sawdust. All suggestions welcome.

Catering a Wedding in Southern NH?


Well, I guess it is finally time to start planning. I'm getting married in my backyard in Hudson, NH in September 2007. I am new to Southern NH, and have no idea where to look for a GOOD caterer. Looking for a buffet-style meal, high-quality food. There needs to be decent vegetarian options, as about 1/4 of the guests don't eat meat. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

Greek Food in Nashua, NH?


I recently moved to the Nashua, NH area from Boston, and I am sorely missing our local Greek restaurant. Where can I find stellar gyros in my new area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.