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Best Chocolate in LA? - for father's day

Anyone have any suggestions for freshly made chocolates in LA? Wanted to get a big box for my chocoholic husband.

Craving bi bim bop near Studio City

Dont feel like driving all the way to koreatown for some bi bim bap. Anyone have any suggestions for places close to Studio City? Anything worth trying in North Hollywood? Thanks!!

Where can you buy harissa in the Valley?

We live in Studio City and I'd love to find out where we could buy harissa in the nearby area. Thanks!

where can you find kaya coconut jam in los angeles??

just had some amazing kaya jam on toast in singapore and must get some right away!! had it at the singapore airport and unfortunately could not take it back with me as the jar was too large and would not make it thru the security check. anyway, now i'm wondering where i can buy it here. any tips would be great. thanks!