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Two days in Emilia-Romagna

Thank you all for your responses! I, too, would love the tour information for both, Cleopatra. We are tentatively considering the following:

Head to La Buca, after renting a car in Bologna, for lunch and a possible tour, with dinner at Da Ivan (stay at Da Ivan Wednesday evening);

Spend Thursday touring around Modena/Parma, with dinner at Da Amerigo (stay at Da Amerigo Thursday evening).

Anything I should switch around, add or take away? Can't thank you enough for helping us plan this part of our trip.

Feb 28, 2013
elpaladin in Italy

Two days in Emilia-Romagna

Thank you both very much for your responses and your kind well wishes, Allende. Da Amerigo sounds like a must, and it appears we can't go wrong with the other two, either. Any recommendations for how to fill our days (i.e., particular food tours not to be missed, etc.)? Thank you again!

Feb 25, 2013
elpaladin in Italy

Two days in Emilia-Romagna

Hi, all. My fiance and I are planning our two-week honeymoon to Italy (neither of us have been), and have two days (October 2 and 3 of this year) to spend in Emilia-Romagna between visits to Venice and Rome. After perusing the board, we have decided that it's best to rent a car for this portion of the trip, have yet to book accommodations so we can remain flexible (these two days are all about food!) and are considering all of the following (but are open to anything):

Da Ivan
Da Amerigo
Hostaria Guisti
Osteria Francescana (although Francescana has slowly slipped to the end of the list as we are leaning towards a more traditional experience).

We are willing to try just about anything, love all meats, cheeses, pastas, and seafood, and are looking to experience the best the region has to offer (understanding, of course, that we only have two days). Given all of this, where would you eat and what would you do (tours, etc.) for these two days in the region? Thank you in advance for all your help!

Feb 21, 2013
elpaladin in Italy