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Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Springs- non-traditional

Thank you Rizza. We made a reservation for Johannes on Thanksgiving, the menu looks delicious. Will also go to Cheeky's. I appreciate it!

Nov 21, 2010
mskitty in California

Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Springs- non-traditional

Hiya, there was a post last year about Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Springs, but I would like updated suggestions. Price is open, location in and around Palm Springs is open. We'd like something with a sophisticated ambiance (not a casino or a chain restaurant), we don't need traditional turkey or a buffet. Just a special occasion place that would be good to celebrate the holiday. thank you v. much!

Nov 20, 2010
mskitty in California

Indian in Palm Springs

Hello! My family will be celebrating a birthday in Palm Springs next week. The birthday boy loves Indian food. Is there a good non-traditional (perhaps some sort of indian-fusion) Indian restaurant anywhere in the Palm Springs area? If not, just a good traditional Indian recommendation will be fine. Price range is open. An appealing ambiance would be nice too. Thank you chowhounds!

Nov 20, 2010
mskitty in California

MSP- Something new and different for brunch

Chad, is that you? It's Alison in SB. I like the brunch at Meritage. I hear the good day cafe has a delicious pesto salad, although they don't serve it until 12:30. ha ha.

suggestions? LAX to Palm Springs

thank you both. Farm artisan and gourmet pizza shoppe both look good, but since it is easter (I forgot) both are closed. So, we'll try Thai Specialty 2 in Hacienda Heights, which has gotten some chow attention. Thanks for the suggestions.

Mar 22, 2008
mskitty in California

suggestions? LAX to Palm Springs

Hello, I'll be driving from LAX to Palm Springs this weekend and I don't know the area. Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants along the way? Not super casual, not a chain. We'll be taking the I-605, the pomona fwy, and the I-10. Saw a good review for Omakase in Riverside, but they're closed on Sundays. Many thanks for any suggestions.

Mar 19, 2008
mskitty in California

MSP - looking for quaint place w/good food

Meritage. It's delicious, lovely atmosphere. If you can't get a reservation, I second Ngon.

MSP: Red Stag Supper Club

A group of eight of us had dinner there last month. It felt more like a super 8 hotel restaurant in Brainerd than "supperclub chic". Although the atmosphere isn't so great, I can appreciate their green efforts. The food was delicious (we had the smelt fries, a flatbread special, and I had the duck as an entree with a great pinot noir). Our server was helpful and kind, no complaints. Overall, I'm glad to support such a restaurant, although because of the ambiance, I'm not in a great rush to return.

Feb 27, 2008
mskitty in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Parasole Restaurants MSP

I would avoid Figlio, their food has gone rapidly downhill in the last five years or so. They are coasting on their location and the bar crowd. I liked Salut, although I've heard mixed reviews. The steak frites was delicious. I cannot comment on the wine, but they had a good cocktail menu. What I liked best was the atmosphere, to tell you the truth. It's a Minnesota adaptation of Balthazar, lovely golden light and a bustling atmosphere. Just don't get stuck in the back of the restaurant.

First trip to London! Where to eat?!?! (Coming from San Francisco, LA and Chicago)

Around this time of year, you can't beat the high tea at Claridge's Hotel. It's not cheap, but it's certainly worth the splurge. The hotel is classic, glamorous London, and festive at this time of year. Delicious pastries, champagne, and tea fare. It will be a memorable time that you and your friends won't forget!
For a nice afternoon, begin with lunch at the Design Museum. Get a seat by the window overlooking the Thames. Then walk around and explore the paths around the river, lots to see.
Although it's a chain, people love Wagamama for noodles etc. They're all over the city, and it's communal dining, everybody sits at a long bench.
Finally, if you're in Chelsea/Kensington, check out Bluebird on Kings Road. There's a reasonably priced cafe with casual salads etc. in a sunny and bustling room, or the more formal restuarant-- very stylish, primarily seafood.

Dec 15, 2007
mskitty in U.K./Ireland

New to Santa Barbara - What's fine and what's cheap?

I've had several phenomenal meals at the Hungry Cat downtown SB. The seafood is amazing, the sauces divine, the mixed drinks fresh and interesting. Entrees are 18 dollars and up, but it's well worth it. It's a popular place with few tables and no reservations, so it seems like they rush you/encourage you not to linger. Go early or late.

Nov 11, 2007
mskitty in California

[MSP] Fugaise -- good food, no customers.

Have eaten there a few times, and although the food and service is superb, I hesitate to recommend it. Simply put, it feels like you're dining in a broom closet or underground bunker. I'd much prefer to spend a night out at another locally run restaurant where the ambiance is enjoyable.

Thanksgiving dinner in Madison, Wisc.

Hello, Looking for a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner in Madison with about 6-8 family members. Turkey etc. would be nice, but not imperative. I'm not sure how choosy I can be, but an interesting menu and wine list would be ideal. Ambiance is important. We're not wild about a buffet, but are open to any suggestions. Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts!