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Narrowing it down...

I guess what I was asking I go with Demeyere OR copper? I know copper is harder to clean etc., but what pan as a future cooking hobbyist will I enjoy more use from, and that I can grow into? Thanks Haagendazs!

Nov 18, 2007
chowdownnow in Cookware

Narrowing it down...

Thank you to those who responded to my previous post. I am just starting to get into cooking, and am piecing together a set of pots/pans slowly. I want a skillet/fry pan that will last forever, and one that I can grow into.

I am deciding between the Demeyere, and a copper pan lined with stainless steel. Brand TBD. Can anyone give me advice on one or the other. I decided on Demeyere based on what people were saying about it, and ran into other people who love copper. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

11"-12" will be the size, and I will be mostly cooking meats and veggies in and out of the oven.

Nov 18, 2007
chowdownnow in Cookware

What size Fry pan?


First I want to say thank you to anyone who may respond to this Noob cook. I am looking to start off a great set of cookware, that I will keep for many many years to come. I am looking at the Demeyere goods. I want to buy:

1 frying pan
1 stock pot
1 saute pan
1 sauce pot

I noticed they seem to have mostly 11 in or 12.6 in frying pans. Can I get away with an 11 incher for most situations, or do I really need the bigger size? What size is best for all of the above pieces. Thanks again for your help!!!!


Nov 11, 2007
chowdownnow in Cookware