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Tio Pepe

Anybody been recently?

Is the suckling pig still great?

new BBQ discussion needed

DCity is my favorite in the actual city. Haven't checked out the BBQ Joint in Union Market yet.

If you're willing to drive a little ways, Rusty's in Gambrills, George's BBQ and Dale's Smokehouse, and the Pit Stop in Aldie are all really, really good for ribs. Rusty's has the best sides.

Staying in Downtown D.C. for 2 Nights. Need recommendations!

I'd suggest Little Serow (no reservations) on 17th and P Street. Definitely get there early, especially on the weekends.

Also Rose's Luxury near the Eastern Market metro (also no reservations). Don't always agree with WaPo's take on restaurants but they hit the nail on the head on this place:

Help with a 4 night dining itinerary in DC

For lunch, I'd suggest Bourbon Steak, Vidalia, Blue Duck Tavern, and Tosca.

For Little Serow, I think you're probably safe - if you are a party of two - lining up 30 minutes before opening on a weeknight. If you are a party of 3 or 4, then I'd suggest 45 minutes before they open.

In case Table 21 falls through, I'd suggest Rose's Luxury. I think the food there is absolutely outstanding and very creative. Like Little Serow, they don't take reservations. The reviews have been almost universally stellar since they opened in October.

Since you'll be in Woodley Park, I'd also recommend having a drink at the Gin Joint - a great bar that specializes, as the name suggests, in gin. It's the bottom floor of the New Heights restaurant near the metro.

Curry Mantra 3

Not cheap but overall very good.

Definitely recommend the mango salad and bombay masala chat as starters.

Aloo gobi, chicken tikka masala, and kadai shrimp were all very good.

The Vindaloo sauce was quite good though the lamb itself was a little dry.

Flavorful throughout though not that spicy.

Solid naan and rice too.

Curry Mantra 3

Anybody been to the new Curry Mantra 3 in Vienna?


Need 2 recommendations in Georgetown area with kids

Il Canale for the pizza, never had anything else there but really liked the pizza.

Fri. nite (9/6/13) dinner--Logan/Scott/Dupont Circle

Tortino on 11th and N St. Great pastas, and fantastic lamb shank.

Philly Hounds looking for a delicious fall weekend in DC

Room 11 in Columbia Heights is a good spot, though it's across town.

Philly Hounds looking for a delicious fall weekend in DC

Definitely a Rasika West End fan. And also Blue Duck Tavern. Kintaro is a newish Japanese place in Georgetown that's also great and not that expensive (though check to see if they've gotten their liquor license yet, they were close last time I was there).

Also if you're interested in a post show drink, try the Columbia Room and the Rogue 24 Spirits Bar, which are both excellent (reservations needed).

Thai Gaang Waan - Springfield, VA

I went for the first time this weekend. Really enjoyed it.

They have two menus - as best as I can tell, one menu with a mix of more Americanized options and other more traditional items, and a second menu with more Issan-style options (they hand you two supplemental menus, but I was told that they're the same menu, just one in Thai and one translated into English).

Here's what we had:

Duck rolls - excellent - regular menu
Papaya salad - great - Thai menu
Goong Gleur - flash fried shrimp and vegetables - stellar - regular menu
Nam Khao tod - crispy rice salad with pork - excellent - Thai menu
Sai oua - Issan-style pork sausage -- good - Thai menu
Pad prik khing moo crob - fried crispy pork - very good - Thai menu
Mango sticky rice - great - regular menu

This was my first time out to this part of Springfield. Looks like there are other good options around there. Will be back to visit Karahi Kabob, which gets great reviews, and eager to try what was seemingly a Pakistani place called Dera.

Parents Coming for the Weekend

For the Hill, I'd recommend NInella -- a newish Italian place off Stanton Park. I've only been once, enjoyed the lasagna and the ambience.

For Sunday dinner, I'd recommend the Izakaya Seki or Daikaya. Zaytinya is always a safe bet too.

Kogiya - Dish recommendations?

Checking out Kogiya on Friday - anybody have any recommendations?

I'm going with a group so we'll certainly get a variety of the bbq dishes. More curious as to recommendations regarding the appetizers, casseroles, and soups.

Thanks in advance!

fried chicken

Rays's is great because they smoke it before they fry it. But I'd say Little Ricky's Cuban fried chicken is now my favorite (near the Brookland metro).