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Dinner near Los Gatos on Sunday

Take Granny to Dio Deka. You and her will love it. Great food with lot's of people watching.Order the lamb chops. The lamb chops are fabulous.

Citronelle in Carmel, CA

He also has a restaurant in Santa Barbara.

Nick's on Main in Los Gatos

Has anybody eaten at the this new restaurant in Los Gatos, Nick's on Main.
How is the food?

The Red Lantern in Redwood City?

Has anybody eaten at The Red Lantern in Redwood City?
I think it opened last weekend.

LA Chowhound needs South Bay B-day Dinner

I would go to Dio Deka in Los Gatos. You will love it. Great food, service,and the buzz
is a lot of fun.

What Specialties Shouldn't SF Hounds Miss in Central Florida?

Eat some stone craps cold with a mustard sauce.They are the best!
Just buy them at a fish market,deli or supermarket because they come off the crap boats all ready cooked.The restaurants don't do anything to them. You get more bang for your stone crap buck buying them at a market.
They are not cheap but well worth it.
The season runs form October through March.
Do not miss them!

Oct 04, 2006
rigaboy in Florida

Anderson Valley wineries

My pick is Esterlina.
I love their Off Dry Riesling and Estate Pinot Noir.
The view form their deck of Anderson Valley is worth the drive.

Aug 11, 2006
rigaboy in California

REVIEW: Rockenwagner Restaurant

So did Rockenwagners close? Has it opened up anywhere else?
I loved Rockenwagenrs when Hans and his first wife opened the the place on Abbot Kinney in the early 80's, where Joe's is now.

Jul 21, 2006
rigaboy in Los Angeles Area