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Is this the worst restaurant in Boston?

I like how thier website says that they will deliver to "HOMES, HOTELS, COLLEGE DORMS, OFFICES, and BUSINESSES within 30 miles of Boston!" Quite a delivery radius.

What to order at Mooo tomorrow?

I went there a couple of weeks ago and had the Beef Wellington. They do a pretty good version of it.

In search of casual New Year's Eve dinner downtown.

Happy New Year Chowhounders! I'm looking for ideas for a fun, casual place with descent food to go downtown for dinner and drinks to ring in the new year. It doesn't necessarily have to be where we will end up at midnight. We (my wife and I) will be starting in Downtown crossing around 5ish, walking around for a while and then meeting up with another couple for dinner/drinks. Many of the places I would normally think to go are having ticketed events and others seem like they will be packed and probably inaccessible due to their size and their usual demand on non holiday evenings. We love places like JM Curley, the bar at Bistro Du Midi and Petit Robert, Myers and Chang. Was thinking possibly of Chinatown area, but don't have too much knowledge of good places there. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Any authentic izakayas in the the Boston area?

Thanks for the input. I have tried Shiki for lunch. Although didn't quite fit the izakaya profile i was in search of, it did seem quite authentic in that it resembled the Japanes lunch set places that are so common in Japan. Still in search of that dimly lit place with good japanese small plates and japanese beer. What would be really great is if someone found a way to import the concept of the "nomihoudai". (usually 2 hours of all you can drink,) along with a lower priced izakaya model. I could never see that working out in America though.

Any authentic izakayas in the the Boston area?

It seems like that term gets used a bit loosely these days.