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Fresh figs in Toronto?

aren't figs just the most delicious food on earth! I love them stuffed with stilton!

Fresh figs in Toronto?

Thanks to everyone who gave me a tip - it looks like lovely black figs are available at Longos (ie Grocery Gateway). Best, SBW

Fresh figs in Toronto?

I hear ya! I am totally dying for some fresh figs but cannot find them anywhere. Neither at that Shaw / Dundas farmers market now in Liberty Village. If anyone knows where we can buy these little beauties in the west end of Toronto, please advice. Much appreciated.

George Brown "Bake Shop"

This sounds freaking great!

Best Lunch under $20 in Downtown?

Greetings, I am a librarian and closeted foodie hoping to enrole at GB in the autumn if a really great job doesn't come up. I was just wondering, does GB have a cafeteria / canteen kind of place where students can eat inspiring lunches while attending classes. This, for me would be a big plus.

Must get back to my Julia Child potato gratin - ta ta and best regards,

Shawn B. Whatley