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Welch's chocolate covered fudge bar

Thanks for responding. It was good to see pictures of the old candy bars from years ago. Alot of them were better than anything made today. I still like junior mints. I don't know why there weren't replacements for some of the candy bars like the Frappe and Fudge bar. They were good and very popular back then. I 've looked at several candy/fudge shops for something similar but never found anything. I did try to get the Vermont Country store to bring back the fudge bar because they do have some vintage or hard to find candy but all they did was thank me for the suggestion but didn't implement the idea.

Apr 08, 2008
krinna in General Topics

Welch's chocolate covered fudge bar

Does anybody remember Welch's chocolate covered fudge candy bar? It was the best candy bar ever. I used to buy them all the time in the '60's for 25 cents. It was a fudge center with a great fudgy texture covered with chocolate. Sometime around 1967, the candy company put out a so called "improved" candy bar where they made the inside smooth and creamy. It was nowhere as good as the original and then I never saw it again. I heard that Welch's candy got bought out by Nabisco or Nestle but they didn't continue making the candy bar. Does anybody have a reasonable substitute for the fudge bar?

Apr 05, 2008
krinna in General Topics

beef mousska in Boston?

Does anybody know where to get beef moussaka in Boston or close by? I hate lamb, so only looking for beef moussaka and at a reasonable price. I don't care too much for the bechamel topping either, but OK if that's the only way it comes. I used to love the moussaka at the Kingston Deli which they used to make on Wednesday's but no longer make it. The Greek takeout in Downtown Corner has the worst mousska but I like their chicken leg.

Mar 29, 2008
krinna in Greater Boston Area

restaurant openings and try outs

I see that several of you have attended recent restaurant openings. How do you get on the list for the opening or trial runs. I have gone to a few in the past 2 months but I always have to rely on my brother in law who runs an ad agency and doesn't always let me know. I sometimes call the restaurant myself when I hear of one that's about to open but usually am told that invitations are being handled by a public relations firm and they won't say anymore. Please let me know. There are a few more places opening up soon and I'd like to go. Thanks

Nov 11, 2007
krinna in Greater Boston Area