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Where to find veganic produce in California?

Hey :)

I'm sure you know if you are into veganic foods :( there are literally no places to find this stuff here in California :(

Any leads yet?

Thank you for your time :)

Cranberry-Orange Quick Bread

is it imperative that the egg be used? is there any way at all this could come out successful if the egg is left out?
in addition to leaving egg out, is there anything wrong with upping the amount of fat used to 1/4 cup or more?
i can't thank you enough for your time!

Jun 14, 2014
curiousaboutcafos in Recipes

Can you help me decipher this recipe?

ok thank you very much!!

Can you help me decipher this recipe?

thank you!
i did contact them but wanted to hear your guys' opinions as well. i don't want to be negative but i'm not sure how they would know the answer too. a customer service representative responding to my email is not going to be the recipe creator. there are far too many recipes on there for them to do anything different than what you or i are doing when we look at the recipe and guess for ourselves.

thank you anyways

Can you help me decipher this recipe?

Is each roast 2.5 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. of pork, or is 2.5 lbs. the total with each roast being 1.25 lbs?

I'm not even sure how one would find out a definitive answer without asking the recipe creator.

Any ideas?
Thank you greatly!

If a recipe calls for, simply, a "fresh red chile" would a fresno pepper work?

Thank you all very much for your help!
Amazing! You guys are gods!

If a recipe calls for, simply, a "fresh red chile" would a fresno pepper work?

Hi I have a recipe calling for, very simply, a "fresh red chile".
I am aware there are ALL types of chiles. Is this something where you pick your own pepper as long as it's red and this will work out?
Is there a pepper called literally a red chile?

I grabbed a red fresno and a green "thai" figuring any red pepper would do, and figured I'd have the thai just in case fresno was wrong choice.

I'm just curious if there is a chile (are chiles peppers? are peppers chiles?) called a "red chile" or does this apply to many types of peppers?

Thank you greatly!

Low or no sugar homemade bacon recipe?

Hi I am wanting to make homemade bacon and am curious if there are any recipes with low to no sugar? The goal with this is to have it taste like supermarket, Farmer John bacon, minus the inhumane pig treatment, table salt, etc.

Here are some important concepts to stick with:
-I am using wild boar bellies
-I would like to use sea salt instead of table salt; I could settle with kosher too
-Low to no sugar preferred; I know the big name brands offer these varieties so I know this is possible; and if it matters the sugar will be organic, I mention because organic sugar has different properties than typical refined sugar
-I DO want to do the typical cure, I do not fear the nitrates/nitrites but have no problem with a celery cure or other types as long as the result tastes like either typical supermarket Farmer John or organic Applegate bacon

Those are the basic "rules" I'd like to abide by. If anyone can direct me to any sort of recipes, books, or websites that could help me with process I'd greatly appreciate it!

I will be buying a smoker too and since I don't know much about these would greatly appreciate any advice with this part too!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time spent helping me with this; if the recipe becomes "famous" you bet I will credit anyone who helped me!

Warming food in the oven on ceramic plates: How hot is safe, what temperatures are ideal, and should food be covered w/ foil or not?

hey thank you. funnily enough i had just pushed it down to 205 before reading your comment on a second-guess.

what also adds into this equation is oven calibration! i know with our oven we found it was 50 degrees off.

Warming food in the oven on ceramic plates: How hot is safe, what temperatures are ideal, and should food be covered w/ foil or not?

Hey I'd like to ask one more question:

When re-heating food sitting on a plate in the oven, is it better to wrap in foil or leave out in the open?
If it depends on type of meal, this particular meal is a pot roast with vegetables.

Thank you!

Warming food in the oven on ceramic plates: How hot is safe, what temperatures are ideal, and should food be covered w/ foil or not?

Hi I have tried searching for answers to this without much luck.

I often will want to, for example, re-heat a large serving of food that is sitting on a ceramic/glass plate. This is a pot roast with vegetables that is too big to put into a standard square pyrex for instance.

I have the oven at around 280. I'm curious about two things:
Is this a good warming temperature? Too hot? Not enough heat?

And then I'm curious if there is a temperature generally regarded as safe when heating ceramic or glass plates. Obviously 300 degrees or higher probably wouldn't be safe, I'm curious what ranges of temperatures are ideal for making food warm or hot again and then what are the max temperatures safe for the safety of the plates? I would hate to have the food in there for an hour at 170 (lowest oven goes) only to find out the food isn't warm at all.

Thank you!

WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

ok. i will definitely consider it! the loaf i am trying to mimic, which is the whole foods organic whole wheat (in the clear bag, the one with no sweeteners added not the "fancier" bag one) doesn't have any honey or sweeteners so i know it's possible.
i also try to cut out sugar any way i can. since this is going to be sandwich bread and i will be making sandwiches with it obviously there is no need for extra sugar, save sugar for the drinks or the desert or what have you. no need to get a dose every bite of sandwich.

WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

hey dough is currently rising,

i used 4 tablespoons gluten for the 4 cups of ww flour.
i did not add a sweetener; i trust the advice i have been given. why do you feel the way you do about adding a sweetener? the yeast doesn't need it, no?
i had a bag of soft wheat pastry flour to use up so i used that instead of regular ww.
wish me luck!

WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

and regarding a kaf recipe, what is a "shaggy" dough? what am i looking for? is there some stickiness when i press with my finger or no?

WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

hey thanks. i don't mind if the slices aren't perfect. i'm simply speaking of the look, taste, more importantly of course the texture and such.


WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

hey thanks!
do you have anything to say about how to get loaves that rise high? i mean i'm almost laughing one of the kaf recipes boasts a 4 inch height! 4 inches?? what kind of sandwich is made with that..
i would think at least 6+ inches would be standard.
just curious what you think..

also i only have active dry yeast and one of the hotline bakers is advising to stick with instant for the recipes. do i get detention for using active dry anyways?

WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

hey thank you! bitterness not a problem over here. i am one who makes up 100% ww batches of these
me and ww go hand in hand, the bitterness is not something i detect!

so you guys all agree that i do not need to add any liquid to replace the sweeteners?

a lot of the kaf recipes have dairy in the form of dry milk, can i simply remove this? do i need to change anything else if doing so?
what about removing the seeds and walnuts in this one? do i add more flour?

thank you you guys are gods that's why you do what you do :D

WW sandwich bread recipe with no added sweeteners and little to no added fat?

Hi I'm hoping I can get a recipe for ww sandwich bread with no added sweeteners. I don't mind if there is fat but would appreciate knowing if I can skip it if I choose to. If I do use fat I would prefer to use lard.

I would prefer 100% ww but since I'm not knowledgeable about home baking sandwich breads I can understand if it's too difficult to make it 100% and one needs to add in some white flour.
I would prefer a recipe for 1 loaf in a 9x5 because that amount is perfect for myself but this isn't as important.

I wish to make ww sandwich bread like the most perfect ones at the grocery stores! The only other ingredient I have in my possession that could make this like the ones at the store is wheat gluten flour!

I am very inexperienced with baking quality sandwich bread at home so please don't hesitate to include detailed kneading/mixing instructions to achieve loaves one can find at the grocery store!

I can't thank you enough, I am looking forward to some home-made bread tonight :)

How would I prepare a deer (venison) heart to slice for sandwiches?

Hi I've heard deer hearts are popular as a sandwich meat! I'm curious how I would prepare it so I can slice it for sandwiches?

Any recipes, ideas, or thoughts?

Thank you!!

Why are my homemade ww flour tortillas crumbling, falling apart, not coming together?

Hi I am attempting to make 100% ww flour tortillas and for some odd reason they just won't come together. The dough keeps crumbling and I cannot even roll them out without them falling apart! What's so strange is I have made all ww flour tortillas before, this very recipe, and I was able to get them together before. They weren't as flexible or had as good a texture as white flour, and they ended up getting stiff if food wasn't put into them right away, but my point is I have done this before so it's baffling.

I usually cut recipe in half, so 1 cup ww flour! I don't measure the water, I just pour in a little at a time until it comes together. I usually just skip the fat and this has always been ok. I have also tried cutting in lard.

A little more info:
I tried this 3 times just now: first time I cut recipe in half and added maybe 1 -2 tsp max lard. The dough completely fell apart so I thought OH it's because last time I didn't use fat. I thought maybe the lard made it too crumbly and wet. And since I haven't explained in detail what happens: basically after adding the water I let it sit for the 15 minutes. Then I cut dough into however many tortillas I want, semi-roll each piece into a ball, and then start rolling with rolling pin.
These just DON'T come together. You can literally just start tearing it apart and see how "fragile" it is as you start rolling it out.
2nd and 3rd times i just left out the fat, i have done this before and it was fine. i figured it was the water (either too much or little) so i tried just adding a little water, same thing = dough just crumbles into pieces and then when i go the other direction and add plenty of water it gets too wet and does the same thing, tears apart!

Any ideas?

Tips for turning a venison heart into a pot roast or stew?

Hi I'm hoping to hear your thoughts:

I was looking for recipes for a venison heart and was interested to hear someone mention they had it growing up as a pot roast, (about 6th reply post down)!

My plan was to find a pot roast recipe I like and simply replace the roast meat with the heart meat.

For the pot roast recipe I am thinking either one with some sugar such as this,
or this which has apple juice instead: or probably a bit healthier one w/o sugar such as this or this

Or I'm thinking of cutting the heart into stew chunks and subbing it in for any stew recipe, such as

I'm just curious if you think it will work and what your thoughts are regarding simply subbing out the roast meat with the heart meat without altering anything else?

How much cocoa powder per 1 cup flour (cookies) to achieve chocolate taste?

hey Alex wow! great reply! thank you.

yes I have tested this recipe.

I now understand more about cocoa, thank you!

Your post is very informative and I thank you for your time. I will post results later on :D

How much cocoa powder per 1 cup flour (cookies) to achieve chocolate taste?

Hi I am wishing to add a chocolate flavor to a cookie recipe, seen here,
There are no optional nuts being added and the flour is actually going to be 3 parts ww pastry to 1 part white rice.

I'm just curious how much cocoa powder I should add and do I need to remove this amount in flour?

How to best prepare deer heart & liver....

hey fifer can you post a recipe for the venison heart roast? can i just use any venison roast recipe and replace the roast meat with heart?

thank you :D

Trader Joe's vs Whole Food: What to buy at each and why?

hey gary without getting into a confrontation here i'm curious why you say that about whole foods. see i shop there simply because out of any grocery store i figure at least i can be assured the livestock is being treated humanely and i appreciate the products that feature fair trade ingredients, etc.

please enlighten me as to why they don't match with your conscience?

Feb 07, 2014
curiousaboutcafos in Chains

Help with modifying a brine recipe by removing sugar?

Good morning I would greatly appreciate help with this brine recipe for pheasant, seen here,

4 cups water
1/4 cup kosher salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon crushed juniper berries
bay leaves (only listed in directions


I simply want to remove the sugar and just have a salt brine with herbs.

Do I need to remove any of the salt to compensate for no sugar?
I'm also curious if I can double the amount of brine if the pheasant (i'm only using 1) is not covered all the way with one batch?
As long as the ratio of salt to water is the same, will adding more brine add more saltiness?

I am only using 1 2lb. pheasant if that is important.

Thank you greatly for your time!

Fish head soup/stew recipe for Christmas dinner?

Hi I would like to try a fish head stew/soup for Christmas dinner. I'd prefer a recipe that is dairy-free and I'd also prefer to find a recipe where the heads are first boiled to create a stock and then shredded, no whole fish heads in the finished product.
I doubt many in my family would go for it with obvious fish heads floating around.
On another downer note, I can't have a recipe with too many hard to find ingredients, I will not have time to go finding these before the dinner, but will still take any recs you have for the future!

I have so far found this recipe,
but always like to look at others out of curiosity.

Can't thank you enough,

Salmon macaroni salad from simplyrecipes. Can I substitute crab instead?

wow! you guys are amazing, thanks a million !!!

Salmon macaroni salad from simplyrecipes. Can I substitute crab instead?

Hi I tried to email the creator of this recipe in time for a get-together this weekend but I fear I will not receive an answer in time.

I'm curious what you guys think of me removing the canned salmon in this recipe,, and using canned dungeness crab instead?

I'm curious if you would recommend adding/subtracting the amount of crab used or if I should change any other ingredients to suit the crab vs the salmon?

I greatly greatly appreciate your help with this! Looking forward to a recipe success at the party!

Ratio of sea salt to water for brining of boar (pork) chop?

i guess it can. i never was "in the know" about scales, i thought those really sensitive ones that look like scales you weigh yourself on were the only ones acceptable for kitchen use.

i'll try it out thanks!