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Butter & Soy Sauce?

I can't believe this thread. I stumbled across this combo when making brussels sprouts for dinner, alone in my apartment, 30+ years ago when I was a young engineer. I couldn't get enough of it, but kind of forgot after years of being married to a veggiephobic guy. I've never heard it discussed before; It's perfectly matched to brussels, (which I now make often because my kids love them roasted, with evoo and salt) and I can't wait to have a soy+butter flashback. Popcorn, huh? I might have to try that.

Apr 04, 2014
mashemup in Home Cooking

Your best meals for $5.00 or less

Salsa Lizano can easily be ordered online. I use it all the time, especially when I throw together a salad with leftover meat/poultry on it. A tasty sub for a dressing.

Nov 29, 2013
mashemup in Home Cooking

Most Creative Food Item You've Grilled or Smoked?

I have a bottle of smoked olive oil that is fantastic, great for finishing a soup or anything needing a little smokey smoothness. Has anyone tried to do this? Cold smoked, I assume. (, in case you're interested)

Slow Cooker Pork Shoulder

I've been having this discussion about the plateau/stall. Was just sent this very interesting article that gives a different perspective on what causes the plateau. It points to evaporation using up the energy.

Oct 16, 2013
mashemup in Home Cooking

The Great Caper Caper

On Orangette's blog, she has a recipe for deviled eggs with a little basil aioli and fried capers on top. The fried capers are ADDICTIVE. Little salty, crunchy bits, we couldn't stop eating them. As I recall, you put them in a little oil until they pop.

Mar 15, 2013
mashemup in Home Cooking

No menu, or limited hours eateries?

I'm looking for interesting food - where restaurants that don't have a menu and you eat what the chefs have made that day. (and the food is great). Or popup restaurants. Or someone's "hobby" restaurant. I hear things "oh, that Indian place in Santa Clara, where you get whatever they made for that night" or "the Italian place that serves family style in Sunnyvale but is only open a few days a week", but haven't had much luck tracking them down.

I'm thinking chowhounds might collectively know a bunch of places, and I'm getting hungry, so spill...

Gourmet & more - Great new speciality store - Hayes Valley SF.

Duh. thanks

Gourmet & more - Great new speciality store - Hayes Valley SF.

I didn't realize foie gras could be sold in CA. Is the ban only on restaurants?

In Search of South Bay equivalent of "West Style fish fillet soup with 1000 Chilis"

theres a picture of Z&Y's dish here in the top row:
It looks similar to Foodtopia's dish, except it appears to be fresh chilis, not dried like Foodtopia's. And the description of "flaming oil" seems like it would be hot, unlike Foodtopia's.