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Manual Can Opener Needed but...

My brother with one good arm uses: Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Can Opener with Auto Attach Feature

Thankfully, he gave me one as a gift and I use it all the time.

Jan 07, 2014
glennl20 in Cookware

De buyer seasoning fail--need help starting over

I used the following process to season my new de Buyer pan this morning which is shown in the picture. This process takes about an hour from start to finish:

Boil water in saucepan.

While water is boiling, wash the pan with very hot water and soap.

Use boiling water to rewash pan making sure that all wax is removed.

Get out entire roll of paper towels and tub of lard.

Heat pan on stove as if cooking – about a 4 or 5 out of ten on large hob. Don’t overheat. Once hot, turn down hob to 3 ½ to 4 and keep it there for the entire process.

Get two wads of paper towels ready. Dip one wad in lard (just a little) and rub over the entire surface of the pan. Immediately use the dry towels to wipe the skillet clean. Let heat for a couple of minutes. Keep repeating. You can reuse some of the wads of towels, but always have a dry one handy. You want to prevent any beading of the grease in the pan.

The skillet will start to get amber in the center and then turn dark all along the bottom and start up the sides. The sides will remain amber and not get dark for a couple of months. Lots of smoke each time you add the lard, but you immediately remove any excess lard and keep the pan dry. When smoke disappears and the gloss lessens, it is time to add another thin coat of lard. The pan shown was heated for about 35 minutes with lard applications every couple of minutes. If I am goofing around in the kitchen, I might repeat the process, but otherwise, just use the pan to cook with. If roasting vegetables, throw the pan in the oven to encourage the sides of the pan to darken.

May 12, 2013
glennl20 in Cookware

What was popular in 1968?

Where can you buy the dry spices? I have never seen them. Has anyone else noticed that Wishbone Italian changed a couple of years back and no longer has the "bite" that it used to have? The new taste has ruined many of my recipes.

Mar 14, 2013
glennl20 in General Topics

What to freeze homemade broth in?

Does freezing milk worK?? We rarely drink milk, so when I need some to cook with, there is always waste.

Feb 24, 2013
glennl20 in Cookware

How important are quality of pots and pans in cooking. Which brands are best?

Think about the future. A good quality pan will last a lifetime, and in our lifetime, induction cooking will become more prevalent. I recently bought AC 11" French Skillet with lid at Bed Bath and Beyond for $80 after a 20% discount coupon. You will not regret owning this as one of your basic pieces. I had to practice to learn how to use this skillet, and I am getting comfortable with it after a month or so.

Feb 13, 2013
glennl20 in Cookware

All-Clad Copper Core fry pans with warped/convex cooking surface

This is why I bought my first AllClad. All of my skillets were warped in the wrong direction and I could not cook on my glass top. I thought my AllClad was perfectly flat until I just checked with a straightedge -- a piece of thick paper slips underneath at the center. I checked my DeBuyer -- same thing. The DeBuyer pools oil at the edge a little. No pooling in the AllClad. I would guess that the larger the pan, the larger the deviation and pooling. But think about why you use a large pan -- to cook more than one chicken breast at a time which will be arranged around the outside and not in the middle!

Feb 10, 2013
glennl20 in Cookware