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Santorini Greek Cuisine Coming to Lincroft


Just people they know clicked the stars on facebook, not actually "reviews"

1 day ago
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Santorini Greek Cuisine Coming to Lincroft

Mandatory Picture of Santorini - Check
Mandatory Blue Repeating Border - Check

This could be good..

From facebook:
Opening a new Greek Restaurant in Lincroft, NJ. Former Onwers of Jimmys Greek American Grill

2 days ago
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Restaurant for a wedding in Central NJ

Must not be them then.. Our food was really good

Jul 11, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Phillys in atlantic highlands

I live 5 min away so hopefully this becomes a regular for me. Wife is starting up again with the diet stuff so idk how that will play out...lol

I know the place was for sale for a long time.. I didn't inquire.. But I assumed new owners.. I could be totally off base on that though

Jul 10, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Phillys in atlantic highlands

That steak tip sandwich thread got me hungry, so I stopped by Philly's yesterday and was really surprised.

Two new people working the front. I suspect a change in ownership? But I did not confirm.

Steak Quality was re-markedly improved, and it was excellent. Crucify me if you wish, but they have the steak-juice and whiz mixture almost exactly the same as Philly. The sandwich was served on a nice piece of itailian bread, and wrapped tightly in white paper. Plenty of sweet onions complimented the steak and cheese masterpiece.

I am really excited to go back again.

Fries appeared to be fresh cut steak fries. They where fried properly, but did have a lighter than normal appearance. The pleasant woman at the counter instructed me to keep the bag open as i drove home, so the steam would not make the fries soft. A blessing and a curse, as I was driving, the fries crisped up, and I ate a good portion of them before I got home.

The food was prepared very fast. The woman told me 6 or 7 minutes, and I think it was even faster than that. She also gave me a menu and told me to call ahead to save time... it would be done before I even got there if they keep up this pace. I'm going to try it again and report back.

Picture is from my phone with poor lighting.

Jul 10, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Hazlet/North Middletown take out please...

If your going for greasy "American Food" or Fat sandwiches, Stewarts on 36 does a pretty good job, dont expect anything fancy, and expect a show from the locals.. police cars are fun.

Baxter's Burgers on Carr Ave in Keansburg is also one of my favorites.

Jersey Shore Soups and Subs in Keyport throws down a pretty darn good sub.

Philly's in Atlantic Highlands for Cheese-steaks.

Not really close, but depending on your route of travel, Cluck-U chicken could be a possibility.

There is a fried chicken place in Keyport on Broad and Maple, but I have yet to try it.

There is a place in Belford, sort of by the Belford Bistro, but across the street, "The Dawg House" which has good Dogs, but I think They close early.

Jul 10, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Steak-tip grinder

ihop has a sirloin steak tips dinner.. i havent had it in years.. but i remember it being decent.. for ihop......

Jul 08, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Restaurant for a wedding in Central NJ

Yeah.. Bayonet Farm is a really nice place, but you have to do everything yourself, including liquor, and if you serve liquor, u even need a one day insurance policy. (Ive read most homeowners insurance will give you a 1 day extension for a place you rent, or a standalone company would be like $150).

Holmdel township requires building permits if you want to put a tent up outside, and fire inspection/permits if your caterer needs a generator. and the grey barn does not have bathrooms if i recall correctly, so then you even get into needing to rent a bathroom trailer.

We thought it would be too cumbersome for us to manage everything by ourselves.

Jul 07, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Restaurant for a wedding in Central NJ


Jul 07, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Restaurant for a wedding in Central NJ

I'm not sure if they have a separate company running the kitchen. I assumed they did their own. I know there is a chef in charge, and all the cooking facilities are on site.


Jul 07, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Restaurant for a wedding in Central NJ

How non-traditional would you like to get?

My wife and I started planning a wedding at Bayonet farm in Holmdel, which has historic barns for rent. We were going to have food trucks come in and do the catering. It got to be too costly for us, and something like that, we thought we might even need a wedding planner to coordinate everything. It would have been a fun event, and we are thinking a few years down the road, we will do a renewal of vows there with the same idea.

We ultimately went with the English Manor in Ocean. It is a wedding facility, but its a standalone grounds (not attached to a hotel or anything), it backs up to a golf course. They have beautiful grounds for pictures, and outdoor wedding/cocktail hour. The facility is really high class looking, but they are wonderful people and worked with us to get us a price we couldn't get any where else.

We were able to skip things like an ice sculpture and a raw bar, and we had our wedding on a Sunday, but we couldn't have asked for more.

The food was wonderful, and the cocktail hour was jammed packed full of great things to eat.

Jul 07, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Reyna's Mexican Restaurant - Tinton Falls

Had another great meal last night at Reynas. We did our BBQ on Thursday, and decided to take it easy last night. We brought some people with us, a little soft sided cooler with some beer, and had an awesome meal. Had the albondigas for an appatizer (chicken meatballs).. they were served with roasted red peppers, and were amazing. I've never had this dish before, but the nice crisp sear on the outside, with the well seasoned meat on the inside and the contrast of the pepper was amazing. I wish I had a sub roll and just put like 8 or 10 of these bad boys on it.

Had the al pastor tacos which where excellent. Served with a chopped/cubed pork and pineapple, and a steak burrito.

Finished up the meat with both a cannoli burrito (which I guess is not authentic, but it was great. And sopapillas, I've never had this dish before either, but it was fried flat dough, sweet, but not overly sweet, with some powdered sugar and whipped cream on top.

I thought the delicateness of the dough was awesome. Almost like a breakfast food.

Can also be served with ice cream or their fried mangos.

Service was great, and the food even better.

Other's in our party remarked how their "usual" tex-mex place is no longer their favorite.

Jul 05, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

ice cream and milkshakes near marlboro/aberdeen/matawan?

There's ice cream palace and a carvel directly across from it on 34. It's been awhile since I've been to either though

Jul 02, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Brass Rail, Matawan

I was there probably 2 or 3 months ago. Its pretty good.

Simple American Food, not a real classy joint, but I'd go back.

I had a taste of Prime Rib was really good.

I know I'll be crucified for saying this.. but that night, I was in the mood for spaghetti and chicken parm. It was pretty good, tasted fresh and I'd be hard pressed to do a better job in my own kitchen. Much better than a majority of the pizza places in the area actually.

Jun 25, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Old Man Rafferty's in AP to close

I walked by about 2 weeks ago and it was pretty busy.

Jun 19, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Dessert in Red Bank

I was going to say melting pot..

but i know that place is despised here even though my wife loves it

Jun 15, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Golden Corral coming soon in Freehold

Only thing I can think of is that maybe in other areas of the country, its not a problem?

I remember going to one in North Carolina a few years ago with a very similar set up, but I don't recall having any of these problems.

I went to a Bob Evans in Florida once for breakfast, and it was though the staff thought I was planning on spending the entire morning there. And that seemed to be the status quo.

Jun 10, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Golden Corral coming soon in Freehold

I take issue with you insulting White Castle.

Jun 04, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Golden Corral coming soon in Freehold

I put down 5 plates plus a dessert plate.

It seems like most of the line is the slow-down from people getting their drinks and then waiting to be seated right after paying. A guess its a corporate model, but seems like some more waiting room post cash register would be appropriate there.

I know it was a mistake, but the Chinese food and Mexican options were bad.

Meat loaf and the home style stuff was pretty good, especially considering the price.

Teryaki wings where quite good for being all you can eat.

Steak was surprisingly good for being a low priced buffet, a little on the salty side, but cooked well, and decent quality considering the price.

I did not enjoy the fried chicken. Maybe I got a bad batch, the skin was both crispy and oily, and the meat inside was mushy. I felt bad for having the server through it away, but I did not enjoy it.

I might be burned at the stake for saying this, but the pizza and garlic bread sticks were pretty good for being a buffet. And I know its not a fair comparison to a mom and pop red sauce place, but if you compare it to a place like CiCi's. Not bad at all.

The yeast rolls where quite good. Similar to texas road house rolls. however, I tried not to fill up on bread.

Although I didn't partake, the salad bar side of the buffet looked pretty fresh with lots of options.

Chocolate Pudding tasted like it was straight out of a can. Banana pudding was quite tasty.

Chocolate fountain was fun, but perhaps they could use a bit more employee oversight with unsupervised children since some parents can't be bothered to do such.

Service was fast and efficient at clearing the plates and offering refills on soda.

The two different soda options are confusing for a first timer. A regular glass and a large big-gulp style cup.

Not sure what the policy on tipping them is? I left 20%.. maybe a bit much, but I've been in the service industry, and it didn't seem like many people where leaving tips.

All in All, if they can keep the quality and cleanliness up, we will probably visit a few times a few times a year and strap on the old feed bag.

Jun 02, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Reyna's Mexican Restaurant - Tinton Falls

My wife and I dined here last night and had a great meal.

Started off with Picaditas with shredded chicken. It was very flavorful and tasted homemade. I have never had these before.

My wife had the steak and pineapple quesadilla which was excellent. I like Al-pastor tacos, but the combination of steak and pineapple was unique and delicious.

I had a grilled steak chimichanga. The portion size was amazing. It was actually two chimichangas on the plate. Enough for dinner and breakfast, and you guys know that I do not eat small portions. The steak was perfectly cooked, and very tender. Lots of cheese and peppers and onions. The rice and beans where also well prepared and seasoned. It seems like at a lot of places, they are an afterthought.

I wanted to try the sopasillas, but by that time, we were full, and I was alrealdy taking home most of my dinner. I had eaten the better half of two baskets of chips and salsa during the meal as well. The chips are fresh fried and delicious. The salsa provided is a chunky "tex-mex" version, but it tasted fresh and very good. Lots of chopped veggies in it.

All in all, I would really like to return and try other things. We enjoyed this food much more than many of the other tex-mex places in the area.

May 30, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

"Real" French Fries in Monmouth County?

second for baxters..

but also Zoni's Coal fired pizza. They are excellant there.

Ahh! La Cart is based in Cranbury, but he was at the food truck wars this past weekend, and he is pretty active with the festivals, you might be able to catch him. He makes excellent "truck fries" and also excellant butterfly fries.

May 28, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Food Truck Festival @ Bergen Community College this Sunday, June 1st.

May 27, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Reyna's Mexican Restaurant - Tinton Falls

Interesting, on my radar now. Looks like more of a Tex-Mex menu, but that is what my wife and I like.

May 25, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival - Monmouth Park

We went today. Last year, and this year we told ourselves we weren't going to go, but we ended up there anyway. 4 people in our group total.

Lines where probably 5 to 10 minutes per truck to order, except for the really popular ones. The park was busy, but not annoyingly crowded. It was a good day to get out and relax, have a good time, loose a couple bucks on the horses, people watch, and enjoy great food.

I think it probably was a good decision on behalf of the management to spread the event out over 3 days instead of just two. They have a good thing going here.

When we arrived at about 2:30, parking lot was pretty full, however, we are ambulatory and it was no problem walking to the entrance. The security and traffic control staff where doing a great job controlling the crowd flow and vehicle traffic.

If you are serious about the food only, I would recommend getting there early when they open. I assume the crowds will be less hectic and the trucks are not likely to be sold out of certain items.

Also, remember, you can bring in your own coolers and bags, so I would recommend bringing your own soda/water/beer/wine/etc with you. You will then not have to wait in line for over priced beverages. You can also bring your own chairs and picnic stuff if you want to make a day of it like that.

It will be a long day of standing on your feet as well, so I would recommend wearing comfortable sneakers or the like. While watching some of the gorgeous leggy women walking about, I felt the pain for them from their giant angled wedge shoes. Poor choice of foot wear if you want to stand in line for food trucks. However, a great sight for a fat guy waiting for a sandwich.

Don't forget your sunblock. There isn't much shade. I was painting on SPF 50 like I was applying coats of varnish to an antique chest of drawers. This pasty white Irish boy got away with only the slightest of scorching today.

I tried to convince the group to go with the "divide and conquer" approach, where we would each wait in line for a different truck and share the food, so we got to experience as many items as possible. It worked to a limited extent.

Two people in our group just went to eat lunch, drink beer, and bet on horses. One person likes food trucks but has a very low tolerance for lines. I wanted to eat till I couldn't move any longer. I also wanted to focus on the trucks that I would have little probability of visiting in regular everyday life.

There is a menu posted on line for the various trucks, however, I would use this as a guide only, since I did notice some variations in what was actually offered. There where some price differences also, and some things where sold out.

So that's enough rambling. Time to get on with the Best of what I ate/tasted today:

Morris Grilled Cheese - Classic Cheddar - most of the more complex sandwiches where sold out by the time we got to Morris. However, I don't think I've ever had a more perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich anywhere. These guys are artists. Bread, butter, and Cheese.. a simple recipe, but these guys take it and make it perfect. Well worth the money and the wait.

Ahh! La Cart - Tatostix- Ahh la cart is based down in Cranbury, and I've had his food before. Most of the time he does the things like the food truck classics.. Cheesesteaks burgers, hotdogs, etc. Today at the festival, he had sprial cut potatos on a stick, fried and then topped with your choice of flavors. This of course is not a new concept, but at a food truck war, you need a 2 foot long potato deep fried. It was perfectly cooked, and complemented everything else we ate. Well worth the wait.

E&S Steak and Take - This truck is based in Newark, and has been on my radar for a long time as I would have very little chance of visiting it without a special trip. The $6 steak had fresh steak, grilled onions, cheese, and special sauce on a multi-grain roll. This was an amazing sandwich. Well worth the wait. The special sauce is what really puts it over the top. Its a creamy sweet bbq kind of sauce with a hint of pickle relish. I'm usually not a fan of "special sauces" or pickles at all, but this was really a unique taste that everyone agreed was awesome.

Empanada Guy - For three years running, they have been a crowd favorite and for good reason. They had one of the longest lines of all the trucks. They do have two trucks, I believe one is in port reading and the other in Old bridge. We sampled the Chicken and the beef. both freshly fried, crispy and hot. I enjoyed the chicken slightly more than the beef.

There where plenty of trucks/stands that I disappointingly did not get to try. A few of them also had staff that seemed to be moving at a snails pace. Not sure if they where "lost in the weeds" or if its a "slow and steady" thing.

Overall, the crowd was pretty happy, and most of the lines where moving pretty efficiently. It was good experience and I look forward to going back next year.

May 25, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Best Italian Hot Dogs in NJ??

Oh No! Thats horrible. I didn't know the whole story.

But it's great that he is planning on returning!

May 25, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey


May 17, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Sahara in Mattawan on 34

Stopped in again tonight for take-out. This is a picture of their $12.99 gyro platter. Its a lot of food, also not pictured is warm pita bread wrapped on the side. Excellant tastes, and I alrealdy want to go back.

May 12, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey


Idk why the nutrition calculator says 1/2 pound is standard, if you look at the menu, it comes with a 1/4 by default

May 12, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey


Since my better half is right in pointing out that I've gotten too fat, I guess I should start eating more salad. Where are your favorites?

I'm a big guy, so I generally like the salad to be huge and have plenty of protein in it. Not so big on dressings, but I'd be open to trying a lot of options if there's something worth trying.

So far on my list:

1. houlihans - take it easy on the fried stuff and delicious garlic bread
2. Cheeburger Cheeburger - Upgrade your patty size, and choose your toppings.
3. Joe's meat market in South Bound brook, a few basic options, but very good, and its loaded with chicken
4. Moe's - get double meat and try to avoid the chips.

May 11, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey

Andrew Zimmern coming to the Count Basie Theater on August 1, 2014

Lol, no, didn't get there in enough time to get hammered before hand.

We got balcony tickets to one side and had the row to ourselves.

Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

May 05, 2014
coldsolderjoint in New Jersey