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Complicated old-fashioned French cuisine in GTA or beyond

I've been there a couple of times. Dated decor and in a strange location (between a gas station and a massage place I think?) but the food is VERY traditional and really good quality! Nice to support a small business in the area too

Complicated old-fashioned French cuisine in GTA or beyond

I've been there a couple of times. Dated decor and in a strange location (between a gas station and a massage place I think?) but the food is VERY traditional and really good quality!

Hot and Spicy Food Festival?

I've been meaning to go to the H&S Food Festival at Harbourfront the last few years but couldn't make it. This year I can go, so I checked out their website.
The Festival is this weekend August 15 - 17, 2014.
The website is not that enticing - seems like only one or two booths selling things. Has anyone been and it is worth it? What's good there?

Queen Margherita Pizza

There were two of us at the table. It was a slow afternoon. They didn't have bread on the menu (I don't think they ever did), so we asked as we had always received it before. That's when they said they don't do it anymore except for a $10 charge. It wasn't necessarily the bread but the whole marinated hot peppers and bread thing was a really nice starter for us.

Your favourite grocery store in GTA (chain or otherwise?)

Try Yummi's at Dufferin south of Finch for a Russian/Jewish/European store - excellent cheese, deli, salads and tons of interesting canned/jarred goods!

Queen Margherita Pizza

Always really liked QMP and hadn't been for a few months. Went this weekend and the pizza was still great but they now charge $10 for bread and olive oil. What????
Think we will have to go to Terroni more often.

How often do you drink alcoholic drinks?

Wine everyday. Red in winter, white in summer. Usually 2-3 glasses but sometimes more on weekends.

Apr 03, 2014
jacquieF in General Topics

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

RIP - Sad to report that Jerry's Fish and Chips at Sheppard and Senlac has closed.

Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

HI an update in case anyone is interested. All my real life friends also suggested Costco - but I don't have a membership. I was down in Leslieville but Oliffe wasn't open. Someone recommended Meat on the Beach - further along on Queen East. We ordered the burgers, some sausages and some pork chops for later. Most of the family enjoyed the burgers - they were big and meaty, cooked nicely on the grill. A couple of us found them too salty and there was also another herb or spice we couldn't put our finger on (marjoram?). Wouldn't order from there again, but the place itself has a good selection of meats and gourmet items.
I think next time - I'll try Costco or the places in Etobicoke that seem to get consistently good reviews. Thanks for all the input!

Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

Having a family BBQ at our place this weekend and need recos for fresh or frozen ready made burgers. I usually make 'em myself but a dozen people are coming and will need to buy just in case I can't get around to it.
Any suggestions? President's Choice? Longo's?
thanks in advance!

New Burrito Place in North York?

Nah. thanks for checking though. It's not easy when you're craving a burrito in North York!

New Burrito Place in North York?

That's not the same one - this one is on the east side of Yonge 1 blk north of Finch. Doesn't look like a chain (like Barburrito) which is why I'm interested.
Barburrito, FWIW, is a chain and not really that great. I'm not looking for ambiance, just good food!

New Burrito Place in North York?

Has anyone tried the new Burrito place in North York at Yonge and Bishop? I drove by it today and didn't catch the name (other than "Burrito" and "delivery"- which immediately caught my eye!)
Would love some good burrito in the area since I usually only drive past multiple sushi and korean places (love them too, but would like some variety)

Pressure cookers in the GTA

I have two stovetop PCs. One is a Kuhn Rikon and the other is a Lagostina. The KR one is smaller. I use them a couple times a week and especially use them for beans, but they do fantastic ribs and curries in a snap. Love them! I ordered them both online from the States.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Porquois Pas, French resto at Yonge and Sheppard. Been there for years and years. RIP.

Where to buy mini pot de creme pots

If you're in the north end try Cayne's on Doncaster. If you're in the west end try Golda's Kitchen. Both also have great websites to check out first.

Golda's Kitchen
2885 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N, CA

Tofu and Broccolini Pad See Ew

I like this - I add a splash of sesame oil, fish sauce and lime juice to the sauce. Made equally delish with Shanghai bok choi, broccoli, gai lan etc. Great comfort food. Sometimes I thicken the sauce a bit with cornstarch/water - gives it a nice glistening effect.

Sep 22, 2010
jacquieF in Recipes

Porquois pas?

Does anyone know what happened to Porquois Pas? It was a French place on Sheppard West of Yonge. We used to go there for family events but it's gone! The owner, Sharif, was always so gracious. If we knew where they went we would certainly follow!

Has anyone tried "crazy wings"

I just saw it the other day myself, I live in the area and that used to be a Korean place I think. Haven't been there yet but would love to hear from someone who has! I think it is very new (like, weeks old)

Colombian Grace Key West

223 Petronia Street
Key West, FL 33040-7373, United States
(305) 517-6449

We visited Key West for a short (long enough) 5 days and had a chance to eat at this restaurant twice. The first time we stumbled upon it in the morning and had breakfast. We had fresh fruit juice which was lovely and a Colombian rice, beans, egg dish that was a great change from the all you can eat or Denny's kind of places on the main drag (Duval). Service was good, I believe it was one of the owners. The decor is upscale with Colombian crafts artfully placed, and chairs aren't the most comfortable but the food was excellent so we decided to back for dinner on another night.
That night we sat upstairs on their balcony patio which was just as nice this time of year. We had their signature sangria which was delish (could have used more ice) and wonderful special entrees - which vary - on our night we had snapper.
I really hope this places does well, it opened only Nov 09 with good reviews and I hope they keep up the quality and attention to detail in the food. They really make an effort and deserve to succeedl. A find like this in Key West is not common, especially for tourists who only see the main parts of town. I'm not entirely familiar with Colombian food so can't vouch for authenticity but based on our discussions with the wait staff it seems to be very true to the real thing.
Give it a try!

Apr 08, 2010
jacquieF in Florida

ISO French sugar cubes in packets?

Looking for a place in Toronto (anywhere in GTA really) to buy those sugar cubes that come in little packets (maybe three to a packet), just like in French cafes? I see an old post from 2007 but no one seemed to know of a place back then - any ideas?

Popcorn maker?

Thanks Hoagy294 that's exactly what I was looking for ! I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

Popcorn maker?

Hi, not sure if popcorn qualifies as chow-worthy, but I'm looking for a stovetop popcorn maker to replace my dead hot air unit. I've seen photos and read reviews and think this is the way to go.
Checked Caynes, Lee Valley and the Bay - can't seem to locate one in the GTA - does anyone have any opinions on using them and/or any idea where I can get one?

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

I think these are not listed yet (at least not these exactly):
- Cheez Whiz and sliced dill pickle sandwiches
- Noodles and Cottage Cheese - melt butter in pan and soften thinly sliced onions; boil wide egg noodles then drain and toss with cottage cheese - pour butter/onion mixture over top
- sardines mashed up with ketchup and horseradish spread onto Ritz crackers
- fried smelts

Nov 06, 2009
jacquieF in Home Cooking

Real Veal Cutlet Sandwhich

How come no one has mentioned San Francescos? Not good enough? They always seem to fit the bill. But recently I found another place that I believe is the best I've ever had. I like them hot, and this place really knows their hot.
The place is called MIlano Sandwiches on the east side of Woodbine just north of Steeles. For a hot veal, they spread a kind of prepared pepper sauce on the bun, then add the veal cutlet (cut in half cuz it's just sooo big) and then sauce and I also like mushrooms. Excellent with a Brio! Highly recommended. Nice people too.

Boneless Beef Finger Meat?

Update to this post - I ground the meat in my cuisinart - not too much so it didn't get mushy and it made the BEST burgers! Yes a little fat but super juicy and meaty tasting - am buying some more this week....

Oct 10, 2008
jacquieF in Home Cooking

Boneless Beef Finger Meat?

The last few weeks I've been seeing people snap up these vacuum packed boneless rib finger meat at Loblaws..... so I bought some too.
It looks a bit fatty - does anyone know how I should cook it? Just like ribs or is some kind of crock pot adventure in order?

Aug 29, 2008
jacquieF in Home Cooking

Does Coffee count as food?

Looking for a new coffee maker - our cuisinart died after about 4 years. Looked on coffeegeek and we're leaning toward brands like Newco, Capresso and Technivorm, none of which are available locally (unless anyone knows of a dealer in TO).
Hoping for something that doesn't "boil" in the plastic resevoir, and something that stays hot for a reasonable time!
Any recommendations?

Apr 20, 2008
jacquieF in Cookware

Chapman's and Nortown

I had a couple at home for dinner last Friday, and had to work all day, so you 'hounds recommended Chapman's (Bayview and York Mills) as a possibility to pick up some prepared meals. Here's the outcome:
Chapman's and Nortown are two stores apart in the plaza, I must've gone back and forth between them 3 times trying to decide what to get. On top of my wanderings, it's the start of passover and the whole plaza was buzzing with folks picking up their passover supplies. I think that Chapman's maybe had a more limited selection than normal, or maybe had run out of stock already, because of passover.

From Nortown I got a flattened chicken marinating in herbs in a vaccum sealed bag, and a medium sized flank steak which I also marinated in oil, vinegar, soy and herbs when I got home.
It was a beautiful night, so both of these things on the grill turned out simply and absolutely fantastic. I would have loved to try their lamb too but my guests didn't eat lamb.

From Chapman's I got the red pepper hummous, a snap pea salad, and a roasted potato dish to reheat. I have to say service was excellent and everyone super friendly but the food was only so-so. The hummous was very sweet, not to my liking, and expensive! $8 for a small tub. The snap pea salad was fine, but the roasted potatoes were pretty bland. Maybe I just picked the wrong things.

Thank goodness the meats were the highlight of the meal or it would have been a very dull experience!

Best Jerk Chicken?

Not in North York, but there's a place called Mr. Tastee on Dennison in between Warden and Woodbine in Markham. It's a bakery that makes great patties and for lunch they will always have jerk chicken or pork, oxtail and curry mutton. Good home cooking!