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Bento boxes

What are the best places to find bento boxes? Not the pre-packed lunches, but the actual boxes in which you can put your own lunch. I am looking for a gift and was wondering if we had any good stores in Montreal. A website with relatively cheap shipping to Montreal would be good too.

Manner Wafers?

This summer, I went on a trip across Europe, just me and my backpack. When in Vienna, I tasted these delicious wafer-hazelnut treats, from the company Manner. These are hugely popular in Austria, and you can buy them in every grocery store. They even have a Manner store in Vienna.

Anyway, I found them so good, so I tried to buy a four-pack to bring home to family and friends. Of course, having no self-contro, I ate all four (!) of them in one single train ride.

I was wondering if anyone knew which treat I'm talking about, and if someone knows of a place where I can purchase them? I would love to eat one, not only for the great taste, but also to bring back all those European memories.

Question about vinaigrette

Alright. I will start with a 4 to 1 ratio, mix a small dollop of mustard and adjust to taste.

I am still travelling, but I will try as soon as I get back home. Not much opportunity to cook when travelling in hostels, gah.


Aug 04, 2008
gremlin2 in Home Cooking

Question about vinaigrette

I was staying with a family friend last week in Vienna, and we made a caprese salad. It was delicious, with tomatoes, cheese, Parm ham, chopped basil and a great vinaigrette made with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I was planning on making it for myself, but I was wondering if any of you know the exact or approximate quantities or proportions of olive oil and balsamiuc vinegar for a dressing? I am on a budget, and cant really afford to waste a whole recipe of salad or even a batch of balsamic vinegar (the one I buy is pretty expensive).

If it helps, he used the same vinaigrette for a salad of coarsely chopped grilled peppers and pecorino cheese, which was also delicious.


Aug 04, 2008
gremlin2 in Home Cooking

Paris on a budget

Wow, thanks so much, Patz! Im in Paris right now, but sadly havent really eaten restaurant food yet. Ive been focused on bakeries and cheap groceries. I have, however, seen many cheap lunch specials, so I think it should be fine. I think I will have a late lunch today, maybe try out one of your recs. Groceries, however, are ridiculously expensive! Almost 3 euros for a broccoli? Please.

Tomorrow I will be in the Latin Quarter, does it match any of your recs?

Thanks again for your post!

Jun 23, 2008
gremlin2 in France

Paris on a budget

Hello dear Parisians!
I will be backpacking in Europe from mid-June to August, and I am spending my 10 first days in Paris. I feel it's one of my most important destinations, given that I am from Quebec and have mostly French ancestry. I'm still a student, therefore my budget is limited. I was wondering if you know of good cheap restaurants, markets and Parisian culinary musts. If it helps, I'll be staying at a hostel in the 15th district (15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, I think), but will be moving around during the day (Versailles, les Invalides, the Louvre, etc.).
Feel free to include travelling tips about Europe in general or information on how to get a cheap international cellphone.

Thank you very much!

P.S. If you feel more comfortable answering in French, I can send you my e-mail (I'm not sure the site allows posting in French)

Jun 16, 2008
gremlin2 in France

Shelf-Stable Ice Cream Float Disaster

Uhm, doesn't insulting an unknown on the Internet kind of make you a jerk yourself?

Jun 09, 2008
gremlin2 in Features

Lunch near Berri?

Hi fellow hounders. I was wondering if you know any good and relatively cheap lunch spots near the Berri metro (5-10 minute walk, preferably). I already know about La Paryse (a classic), but I feel like trying something new tomorrow.

Cheap restaurant near metro station+dim sum

Hi, I was wondering if you had ideas for a cheap and preferably ethnic restaurant near a metro station, either green or orange line. It'll be a low-key dinner with 2 or 3 friends, and we're using the metro, so it would be preferrable if the place were on the same street or within 5 walking minutes of a station.

Also, do you guys know of a place (preferrably in Chinatown) that serves dim sum even in the evenings?

Thanks for your help!

Ranking Portuguese restaurants

I don't know, I've always stuck with a restaurant that doesn't appear on your list, Brazeiro. Has it closed or something? I went there this summer (it was delicious, by the way, their chicken is awesome and their veal is to die for) and haven't gone back since, and I never hear anyone talk about it.

Which cupcake shop?

Thanks guys. I think I'll just try Itsi Bitsi and (especially) Cocoa locale, because I've almost exclusively heard good things about it. Besides, I'm not sure I'd want to get the margarita cupcake a second time. I think the fun of cupcakes is finding special flavours, anyway.

Which cupcake shop?

So my friend gave me half of her margarita-flavored cupcake and... it was delicious. She received it as a gift, and it was apparently bought at a bakery/cupcake shop (don't know exactly which), supposedly "near St-Laurent street". Does anyone know where they came from?

P.S. The margarita cupcake had pink frosting and a dried red fruit (cranberry, I believe) on top.

Cocoa Locale cakes?

Oh, guys, I've been wanting to go to Cocoa Locale for a while now. Now that you gave awesome recommendations, I'm determined to go! Do you guys know if it's reachable by metro?