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Mini-Dinner Omakase at Shunji Japanese Cuisine: A Pictorial Essay


Aug 20, 2014
stravaigint in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Tsujita opens today. How do you think it'll do, w/Kiriko, Mori, Shunji less than 2 miles away?

That's a kevin-load of kama toro...

Sushi Tsujita opens today. How do you think it'll do, w/Kiriko, Mori, Shunji less than 2 miles away?

The only thing that matters is the view from a counter seat. It'll look fine.

Sushi Tsujita opens today. How do you think it'll do, w/Kiriko, Mori, Shunji less than 2 miles away?

120 bucks is a bit higher than what we're paying up here, but then I expect the quality will be better, and I don't know what rent on Sawtelle is like.

But it's the bonus rounds that will lead to BK, as kevin is so fond of saying. I'll need at least another 10-15 pieces on top. Or maybe they can bring me a tsukemen...

favorite sushi right now ????? price no object, natch.

You know, if you skipped 4 or 5 visits to Tana's you could probably afford Urasawa...

And where's the Shunji report ?????????????

Aug 01, 2014
stravaigint in Los Angeles Area

favorite sushi right now ????? price no object, natch.

If we tell you, are you actually gonna go? :-)

Jul 31, 2014
stravaigint in Los Angeles Area

French Laundry solo? [Yountvile]

There are some great alternatives suggested in this thread, but just in case you want to try anyway:

"I understand that the restaurant requires tables of 2 or 4"

I'm not sure that's a hard policy - I was there recently with a party of three (we booked over the phone). And there was even a single diner, tucked away in the far corner. So it is possible. Call them up and see if they can help you.

Porcellino, Bi-Rite, Kin Khao (San Francisco: Day One)

Hey, we tried - that's 8 dishes in four hours, not counting the ice cream and a side of sticky rice!

Porcellino, Bi-Rite, Kin Khao (San Francisco: Day One)

Says the guy who had to do laps at Georges...

Porcellino, Bi-Rite, Kin Khao (San Francisco: Day One)

I had a feeling this would be up already :)

You left out the salumi platter, but then it was half gone by the time you arrived *whistle*

YALAHAFA (Yet Another L.A. Hound Asking for Advice) on Great Eats in SF Proper (Muni accessible, non-high end)

Depending? Possibly? What is this I don't even...

Hung's Kitchen in San Ramon

I just asked some friends who live in the area, and apparently they love the place...but hadn't told me =.= No detailed descriptions, but they like the XLB, sea bass chive dumpling, scallop dumpling, spicy beef tendon, salt and pepper fish and the mantou. If I can guilt them into a meal I'll report back.

Malacca, Malaysia - Good Nyonya lunch at Nancy's Kitchen

Agreed, welcome back!

Kansui Ramen in San Jose [Goat Pastrami, Pumpernickel Noodles, Willow Glen]

Those pumpernickel noodles look fantastic! #16 is very impressive given its location outside of the ramen-ya hot zones. I really hope they offer a dinner service soon.

This is also the first time I've noticed how highly you rank Ajisen, which is nice, because I thought I was the only one crazy enough to go to Warm Springs for ramen of all things...

Some new things in downtown San Jose

They've taken down the Arepa Swing sign. Hrm.

I finally tried Loteria Taco Bar - so disappointing. Will stick to the breaded halibut at Dia De Pesca

san jose recommendations

Yup, Owl's Howl.

Liquid Bread Gastropub - Campbell - deserves a try

They have a variation of the burger on the bar menu. It comes without the Béarnaise sauce, and I think without the Cowgirl Creamery Seascape, but it does have the pickled onions and some crumbled cheese. And it's utterly, fist pumpingly fantastic. Like, plate licked completely clean fantastic. If I hadn't already had the kale salad, and eyed up the dessert board, I'd have had another. Loosely packed, properly seasoned, and dripping into the bun, which soaked it up without falling to pieces. I want another one. And I'm going to write to the Metro and tell them to shove their latest burger list, because Liquid Bread should have won.

Blue crab hand rolls only, wow.

"so that the warm, loosely packed rice that Nozawa is known for stays warm"

I can safely cross that off the list then.

Apr 04, 2014
stravaigint in Los Angeles Area

Are the following restaurants all okay for lunchtime walk-ins with assurance of seating?

Silverjay has already given the best answers to your questions, but since I promised to post his card, here it is.

Mar 26, 2014
stravaigint in Japan

Any Info on Knife Sharpening Classes in SF area

Galen at Town Cutler does sharpening classes. He's a good guy and he knows his stuff.

Shandong Mutton Restaurant in West San Jose

I found this completely by accident - I happened to roll through the plaza and spotted it. A quick check on CH revealed nothing, but y*lp showed that it's been open for about six months. Pictures of cute lambs on the menu sealed the deal.


Northern Chinese, obviously, with most of the menu comprised of lamb dishes, split between boiled/fried and soup/noodle based. There's also an appetizer section.

Father and daughter (I think) were busy behind the counter making lamb skewers, so I ordered a plate of those. They asked if I could handle spicy, and I said I'd try. Dad rushed into the back to work his magic, while daughter invited me to snap a pic of the uncooked skewers.

A while later four gorgeous skewers arrived, showered in spices, but not actually very spicy. I will need to be more assertive next time. But they were so well cooked I didn't care. Thoroughly tender on the inside, pink but not at all chewy, and nicely seared. I think this is going to be a regular order of mine. Several plates thereof.

I also ordered the lamb sesame bread and the lamb noodle soup. The bun did not have a lot of filling, and by itself was very dry and bland, but it made a perfect accompaniment to the soup, so I just pulled the two halves apart and dipped it. The soup started out a little mild in flavor, but as I mixed it and worked towards the bottom it got much richer. Noodles were somewhat chewy, but not in the same league as QQ/Shandong Oakland. I did not ask if they were hand pulled/cut. Little chunks of lamb sprinkled throughout.

They have ZJM on the menu too, but with all the lamb dishes it's going to be a while before I try it.


It's in that weird limbo between Cupertino and San Jose, in the Orchard Farms shopping center where the Safeway is. It's on the southern most end of the plaza, by the dance studio.

It's not very big. They can seat perhaps 20 people. I had a four-top to myself, but it was 4:30pm and I was the only customer. It's really pleasant inside, with the afternoon sun streaming through the windows.

Staff were really happy to see me and very helpful.

This dummy did not snap pics of the menu =.= Head on over to y*lp.


Shandong Mutton Restaurant
6184 Bollinger Rd, San Jose, CA 95129

Any good cafes in Roppongi?

Bump for a real gem.

I had some time to kill on a recent Friday afternoon, so I stopped by Pointage based on your recommendation. I got there about 3:30pm, and there was no line and a free table, so I staked my spot. Ordered a mocha, which arrived in a decidedly non-new-wavey style (which was a nice change, given all the coffee shops I'd already hit) and a really crispy, flakey pear danish. Spent a very pleasant hour there, before window shopping in Azabu.

At one point I looked up from my book and the line was out the door. Must have been croissant/baguette time.

Mar 25, 2014
stravaigint in Japan

Are the following restaurants all okay for lunchtime walk-ins with assurance of seating?

Nakaji-san's policy might be different for lunch, but based on my dinner there I don't think he takes walk-ins. He has set seatings (temperature of the rice, as he'll explain...). You can call and ask, he and his wife both speak a little English. Or I can dig out his business card for you, and you can email him.

As far as (very good) high-end goes, you can try walking into Daisan Harumi in Ginza. There were unreserved spaces at the counter the last time I went.

Mar 25, 2014
stravaigint in Japan

Paleteria y Neveria Las Michoacanas in Salinas

I was stuffed from brunch at Eva's Cafe, but a tour of the Steinbeck Center opened up some space and as it was a warm Spring day I figured a paleta would hit the spot.

For some reason I was expecting a smaller store, but it extends pretty far back, with most of it open space. The area with the couch by the window is lovely, it sits right in the sun.

There must have been at least thirty different flavors in the cooler. I went with a safe pistachio de leche, for $2. Lovely bits of real pistachio throughout, but the ingredients list also confirms pistachio flavoring. Not overly sweet or intense, which is a plus.

It did hit the spot.

Photographed against black, it looks much brighter than it really is. Don't let that put you off - it's really a much lighter, more natural shade, as are most of their offerings.

Would be nice to go with a group, so as to try more flavors.

Mexican breakfast in Salinas?

Another excellent recommendation!

Eva's Cafe was packed at 10:am yesterday except for a stool by the door. Plonked myself down, took a quick look at one of the pretty blue take-out menus on the wall - with English and pictures! - and ordered the huevos con chorizo and an horchata.

As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, the pace is definitely more leisurely. Folks are more relaxed, but it's also because everything is made from scratch. I could hear them patting tortillas in the kitchen.

A larger space opened up by the till and the kindly gentleman behind the counter invited me to move up. He speaks excellent English and was incredibly welcoming.

I was thankful for the extra space, because a lot of food arrived: plate of huevos, side of fresh tortillas, salsa, guac, mug of horchata.

Chorizo was mild and not the least bit greasy. Nicely mixed in with the eggs, and well-seasoned. Beautifully fluffy rice, which I stuffed into bits of warm, thick tortilla with beans and sauce. Nothing was too spicy, just a nice, warm glow.

Despite being busy, I was never rushed. Which is good, because I could hardly move. I had to decline their kind offer of extra tortillas, otherwise I'd have had a nap attack right on the counter.

I saw several orders of the menudo go by.

Any place one can buy Kouign Amann in SF?

I just had another one, but remembered to snap a cutaway for you this time. Just look at that thing...come on Cali bakers *shakes fist*

Finally! Righteous Q in the South Bay [Smoking Pig, San Jose]

Opening tomorrow according to their twitter account:

"Big news! Wednesday at 11:00am Smoking Pig BBQ Company Fremont will FINALLY OPEN. Soft opening, but OPEN!"

3340 Mowry Ave, Fremont, California 94538

Is mori open for breakfast sushi (this may just be a mistake)

I was at Tsukiji last week and made a point of trying Yachiyo thanks to your post. So here's a pic of the mother of all shrimp plates, the kuruma furai, just for you.

I got the weirdest looks from the tourists waiting for Dai to open...

Mar 17, 2014
stravaigint in Los Angeles Area

Some new things in downtown San Jose

I went back into the SJ store a couple of weeks ago, saw a sign for snacks, thought Hey, I'll report this! and then realized that SF Weekly had already mentioned it =.=

But here's a pic anyway. Have yet to try them.

Nozawa Bar in Beverly Hills

And six blocks from Q, which makes three high-end sushi-yas in the area (I'm assuming it'll be high-end, whether he's moving or opening a new joint). Thanks for the info!

Feb 27, 2014
stravaigint in Los Angeles Area