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Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Chelmsford

I see that you had real bowls. You must have been to the Chelmsford location. The Boston location only has those heavy black plastic disposable bowls. Food is great, bell peppers were sparse, thinly sliced strips, easy to find and did not noticeably stand up to the spiciness of the broths. I do not like bell peppers at all.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Chelmsford

Opened in Boston 24 July. Only open 11-4p. Attached is menu. Canned/bottled drinks in cooler case. Gene hand stretches tender but chewy noodles for each dish. Soup has noodles that appear to be extruded or sliced more thinly. Reminiscent of udon in width. We got #4 and #9. Both quite spicy in different ways. Great flavor and quantity.
On Bedford street down from Hyatt Regency and across from the Regal restaurant.

Lobster Rolls: 2013 Edition

Thank you for asking this question. I am a super taster of celery b/c of a severe allergy to all bits and pieces of the nasty veg cooked or uncooked. Cannot even touch the stuff in the produce department. So all I caught in this sub discussion was Belle Isle and D'Angelo's. Is that all? In 2006, Uno's had lobster sliders with no celery at their Boylston location...moment of silence for the victims of the Marathon Bombings... Have not been back since then.

Ideas for good food and quiet conversation?

+1 for Petite Robert