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Fishbar, Starfish, or...?

I disagree with your friend, I'd try Fishbar. I thought it was a pretty fun experience.

Birthday dinner for Toronto wine guy

I've had a good time at Dino too. Always enjoyed my meal.

CH Best of the GTA for 2013 - Results

Great to see some of the smaller places pulling out front!

Romantic restaurant in old montreal


Sausalito lunch on a Monday - which restaurant of these 5 would you pick?

Le Garage is my favorite for sure! I've never been to Kitti's Place though..

Cooking bacon in the oven... why the hype?

Thanks for this tip. I just tried it. Amazing!

Feb 02, 2013
SkyeFitz in Home Cooking

(New) Janes-on-the Common-Halifax

Such a loss to Halifax. Janes is a big part of my Atlantic foodie experience.

Feb 02, 2013
SkyeFitz in Atlantic Canada

Dining in Nova Scotia

You've got to try Chives in Halifax! It uses mostly local ingredients and is absolutely delicious every time!

Feb 02, 2013
SkyeFitz in Atlantic Canada