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Brooklyn restaurant for a wedding ceremony and a reception

Catering scares me for several reasons, mainly reheated food, cost and pain in the butt factor (chair rentals, table cloths, glass, plate and silverware rentals). Thank you though for the suggestion.

I find it interesting that there aren't more artsy/creative places in NYC set up as a restaurant and an event space. New business model, perhaps?

The idea of an outdoor wedding on a beautiful day is lovely. The thought of pouring down rain on my outdoor wedding is not. My Mother is disabled and getting her into the park would be tricky, and in the rain it would be disastrous.

I mistyped, Bell House is actually 12G, not 9G

Feb 12, 2013
ellecheek in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn restaurant for a wedding ceremony and a reception

Hi! Thank you so much for the info. Please keep it coming!

Love the Bell House but to hold a wedding there, as well a reception, it becomes quite expensive (9K just for the space and booze) Ouch.

Frankies is in my neighborhood. Will definitely check out the back garden as we have only eaten in the front. Their food is delicious.

Rebar is a contender. I left them a msg. Bit concerning as they are on many hot lists right now for weddings. Dates/Dollars may be an issue. Love the vibe though. It would be ideal.

Feb 02, 2013
ellecheek in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn restaurant for a wedding ceremony and a reception

Hi. Suggestion, please, for a Brooklyn restaurant to hold an inexpensive wedding and reception for 50 people in September 2013. We are both foodies, non-traditional and quite honestly, not flush with cash.
Great food, thats a given
There would be something special about it. They'd have a particular spot that would be a lovely place for the ceremony and a separate room for a sit down dinner or brunch. Crap, have not given much thought to most restaurants not having a cabaret license.
There will need to be some booze. Is it ever possible to bring in your own?
Ici is a contender, although they are booked every sat night in 9/13 so if we did book there, it would have to be at a different time.
I greatly appreciate your help and any suggestion.

Feb 01, 2013
ellecheek in Outer Boroughs