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New French Bistro coming to Croton on Hudson

We enjoyed our dinner here last night, but the price point was a little high for us choosing Tagine on a regular weekly basis. Our bill came to $72 with two entrees and 2 glasses of wine (all 3 choices of red were $9), no appetizers, no desserts.

The high quality bread and sweet butter served were a good omen for what was to follow (although having each piece placed on your bread plate by the waiter was a bit annoying). I ordered the shortrib tagine which was very flavorful and filling. My husband had the classic steak frite which came prepared rare as ordered. It was a large piece of meat, more like a filet mignon than the hanger (skirt, onglet) cut I expected. It was tender and tasty, but the side of spinach was disappointingly bland.

We definitely plan a return visit. I'm so happy to have a promising dining establishment in the area!