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Sea Bass in Curry?

I am not a big fan of curry, but I'll eat it with certain things. I'm not sure fish is one of them...but if you do choose to go for it, I agree with the previous review. I'd lay off the heavy, spicy paste and make it lighter, or you will lose the flavor of the fish all together.

Jan 30, 2013
EYoung049 in Home Cooking

Easy Potato Skins

THESE THINGS WERE THE BOMB. My wife made them to test out the recipe before this weekend (we're hosting people for the big game), and these made it onto our official menu. Skins were crisp, just how I like them. We used a little less cheddar and added some fresh grated parmesan and crumbled blue cheese instead.

Jan 30, 2013
EYoung049 in Recipes