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Quieter restaurants in Ct either American or Italian

You might try Carmen Anthony's on the Berlin Turnpike in Wethersfield. A bit pricey, but very quiet. I think the 90 somethings would appreciate the throwback atmosphere also.

May 21, 2013
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Bradley Airport lunch?

Haven't tried it, but I hear the bahn mi is very good. Pho 75 is right next to the airport on RT 75.

If you feel like BBQ, five miles away in Windsor center is Nat Hayden's Real Pit Barbeque. Its pretty good.

Mar 08, 2013
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Red House in Deep River, CT (was du Glacé)

We tried it out the other night. My wife opted for the brisket sandwich, and I went for the pulled pork. Both were moist, tender and satisfying, served on a nice brioche roll, mine with cole slaw on top. A nice tangy BBQ sauce in a squeeze bottle was on the table. First impression: where is the smoke flavor? Second: where are the crunchy little burnt parts I love so much? Turns out the meat is braised, not cooked with smoke and dry heat (maybe Deep River has zoning issues about outdoor smoking?). Not really complaining (the sandwiches were pretty good), but I thought the flavor would have been better if the meat were treated in a more traditional BBQ style. The fries were just this side of shoestring size, and served nice and hot, thanks to the excellent service we received. Loved the really well done crispy ones especially. We didn't order very ambitiously. The menu has some very interesting options which we will definitely be back to try in the future. Live music will be a bonus for us also. For some reason, their website doesn't come up very easily when doing a search, so check the menu at http://redhousect.com

Jun 21, 2012
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Bloody Mary From Hell

I posted this link to the Boston Board and someone suggested I post it here. You might get a kick out of this video (literally, if you make the drink). Be sure to scroll down for the recipe. Full disclosure: I'm Brian's Dad.
Jim http://how2heroes.com/videos/profiles...

Jun 12, 2012
jkuhlen in Spirits

Salute in Hartford

Thanks, chowmensch, I have enjoyed your posts as well. No worries, I will continue to tune in and participate on CH, but y#lp had at least five recent reviews of Salute, and that's why we decided to go. Does CH have the numbers to be effective in covering the greater Hartford area on such a large geographic board? I know the quality of individual posts is excellent, just not sure about the quantity. Hey lurkers, maybe its time to toss a few recs out there!

May 14, 2012
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Salute in Hartford

Just had an excellent (and reasonably priced) meal at Salute (100 Trumbull Street) in Hartford. It has a very sophisticated, but totally comfortable feel. You would feel fine in a dinner jacket or in jeans. Service was perfect, food outstanding. http://salutect.com

To start, I had their strawberry arugala salad, which was a VERY generous serving of arugala, strawberries, goat cheese and toasted walnuts. I loved it (next time I might split it with my wife). She opted for their field greens salad with roasted shallot vinaigrette. Also excellent.

For my main course, I chose one of their specials that night; Monkfish Piccata. The fish was very fresh (gotta be with monkfish) and cooked perfectly. The Piccata sauce was infused with lemon and capers as you might expect, but was deeper in color and flavor with the addition of (I think) sun dried tomatoes. As it was placed before me, along with whipped potatoes and grilled asperagus, I said to the server "I'll never be able to eat all of this". Guess what, I ate every wonderful bite of the monkfish and made a respectable dent in the sides.

My wife was very happy with her shrimp fra diablo (is it me, or should it be called shrimp fra diavalo? I mean, you're using "fra"). Anyway, she had asked them to modify the dish to omit sausage and to tone down the spice, and they were very accomodating. The result was a happy, satisfied customer.

The tiramisu my wife ordered was a bit denser than she is used to, but I tasted it and it was delicious. I relaxed with a very affordable glass of grappa.

We will definitely return to this wonderful restaurant. My only regret is that I didn't hear of it sooner. That's the kind of heads up I have always expected to get from Chowhound. Its been open a couple of years now, but I never heard a peep. Time to tune in elsewhere, I suppose.

May 12, 2012
jkuhlen in Southern New England

East Coast Grill Bloody Mary from Hell

Thought any ECG fans might get a kick out of this video. Scroll down for the Big Bloody Mary from Hell recipe. http://how2heroes.com/videos/profiles...
Full disclosure: I'm Brian's dad.

May 11, 2012
jkuhlen in Greater Boston Area

Tango now Pond House - Glastonbury, CT

I'm surprised that I haven't seen this posted on Chowhound since it seems it was a done deal in December of 2010, but the Pond House of Elizabeth Park in Hartford has opened the Pond House Grille in the former Tango location in Glastonbury. If you have tried it, please share your experience.

Pond House
Hartford, Hartford, CT

Nov 12, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

BYOB Hartford Area

I know Pazzo in Rocky Hill sells wine now, and I think the same is true of the Glastonbury location. That makes BYOB there no different than anyplace. Just pay corkage.

Pazzo Cafe
377 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Sep 25, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Lunch Stop on the way to Hartford from NYC

For a little local flavor you might try Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale in Westbrook. Family friendly, fresh seafood, completely casual Triple D type place. Plenty of clams. A little past route 91, though.


Fish Tale Restaurant
86 Boston Post Rd, Westbrook, CT 06498

Jun 03, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

50 th

Check out Cafe Routier in Westbrook, CT. I haven't been in a while, but always enjoyed it in the past. www.caferoutier.com

May 29, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England


At the risk of being attacked, I will recommend the restaurant at the Inn at Middletown. I know that food reviews of this place have been mixed, but here are my thoughts:
- It has an old school charm that I think will appeal to your Moms
- It is minutes from Cromwell
- It has a turnaround driveway that will let you drop them right at the front door with one of you (and the other youngster can then find parking), or they have valet parking if you wish.

My Mother and her husband are also in Cromwell in assisted living (both in their 90s). We brought them there for brunch and they loved it! Service and food were good. I don't know their arrangements for Mothers Day, but you can contact them if you are interested:

Apr 28, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

More Glastonbury Restaurants?

No info on the burger co, but here is the Courant article about the pub:

Mar 30, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Puerto Vallerta--how is it?

I've never been to Besito's, but I checked out their menu and it looks great! Can't wait to try it!
I'm afraid my usual preference at both CDS and O'Porto is the Mariscada (squid, shrimp, clams, mussels, etc. in salsa verde), so I don't have a lot of experience with the non-fish options. I mean to try other things, but I always seem to end up with the Mariscada.

46 S Main St, West Hartford, CT 06107

Mar 15, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Puerto Vallerta--how is it?

Sorry for the bad experience. Guess I'll forget about returning. Stormshadow, what is your "go-to Mexican place"?
C oliver, you are correct, O Porto is a Portuguese restaurant.

Mar 14, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Puerto Vallerta--how is it?

Thanks for the +1 Katty! How about these Spanish oriented thoughts for a birthday:
Costa del Sol, Hartford - very nice atmosphere, great food, great service.
O Porto, Hartford - pretty much ditto
Agave Grille - young crowd (like I care), and you can stroll down to Black Eyed Sallies for some good music after dinner.
Azucar, Hartford - On a Saturday night, if you close your eyes, you would think you are in Puerto Rico. Food, meh, music, unbelievable!

Puerto Rico Restaurant
152 Rifle St, Springfield, MA 01105

494 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114

Mar 14, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Puerto Vallerta--how is it?

If she enjoys Mexican food I doubt you will be disappointed. Its a chain type restaurant, but at least its a small, local chain. The food may not be that memorable, but it is reasonably good. I've been to the Middletown location a few times, and though its not someplace that is high on my list, I would definitely go again. Very good chips and salsa. My favorite Mexican place is Monte Alban in Hartford, but its probably not the right ambiance for a birthday. Kind of a hole in the wall type place.

Monte Alban Restaurant
529 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105

Mar 13, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Need a Middletown, CT restaurant suggestion (I have criteria!)

Fiore was my first thought also. Great food, great value. It's our "go to" place in Middletown. The only problem is that you may wait a while for a table on a Saturday night because they only accept reservations for parties of six or more ( I guess you could invent one "no-show"... I wouldn't tell).

Mar 11, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Need a Middletown, CT restaurant suggestion (I have criteria!)

A good option might be Tuscany Grill on College Street just off of Main.
They accept reservations, are moderately priced, and have ambiance (at least I think so). They also have low-key (won't interfere too much with talking) live music most weekend nights.

Tuscany Grill
600 Plaza Middlesex, Middletown, CT 06457

Mar 11, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

"FUN" restaurant, bar, or lounge for 21st birthday

I've never been, so don't blame me if it sucks, but there is a medieval themed place in Boston.
Check out http://medievalmanor.com
Have fun!

Mar 11, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Any ideas for large groups in/around Hartford?

Vito's by the Park is just across Bushnell Park from the theater (maybe a few hundred yards). They will cater to groups. I haven't been in a while, but last I was there the food was really good. Check out http://www.vitosct.com/park/park.htm
Good luck!

Feb 24, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Something Special- Rest Rec

Have you been to Metro Bis in Simsbury? Haven't been myself yet (I'm 50 minutes away), but I have heard very good things about it. www.metrobis.com

Metro Bis Restaurant
928 Hopmeadow St Ste 2, Simsbury, CT 06070

Jan 14, 2011
jkuhlen in Southern New England

fresh duck in central CT?

Just saw them today at Stop & Shop in East Hampton. They had whole birds and also boneless half breasts. Could they be previously frozen? Don't know.

Nov 18, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Essex Ct Recs

My recs in the vicinity would be:
The Copper Beech Inn (French-oriented, big $$, but the less expensive Brassirie Pip is at the same location), http://www.copperbeechinn.com/
Gabrielle's in Centerbrook is not far - http://gabrielles.net/
The Griswold Inn right in Essex is a perennial favorite with many -
or go a little north to the River Tavern - http://www.rivertavernrestaurant.com
My vegan son always assures me that any decent restaurant will accommodate a vegetarian. I have seen him get some amazing food! Its sort of a challenge to the kitchen, and they generally don't disappoint. You might want to warn them, though.

River Tavern
23 Main St, Chester, CT 06412

Copper Beech Inn
46 Main Street, Ivoryton, CT 06442

Griswold Inn
36 Main St, Essex, CT 06426

Sep 14, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Where to eat in/ near PTown if we loved Clem and Ursie's?

This is disappointing news! I hope you returned the linguini and the wine. I find red wine by the glass to be a crapshoot. Unless the place has a nitrogen system or something to prevent oxidation, you could be getting the last glass from yesterday's bottle. Yuk!

Please try Front Street again sometime and see if you can renew your rec. We had such a great meal there and were planning to return next time in P-Town.

Front Street Restaurant
230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Sep 07, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Glastonbury Chipotle Mexican Grill

Has anyone tried Jalisco in Glastonbury (New London Turnpike near Melzen's appliance)? I haven't been yet, but have read good things about it. You would hope that with a name like Jalisco they would try to be as authentic as possible.

Sep 02, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Really Good/Fun Eating Spots in Middletown?

Sorry, BB, just want to clarify that Luce and Fiore are on different planets as far as $$$. I like both, but Fiore is WAY less $$$. A house salad and a huge (and delicious) entree cost about $16. The cheapest salad (a la carte) at Luce was $9 last time I went, and most entrees were in the high $20s, if I recall. We have had excellent experiences at both, but Luce is definately a more high end place.

Haven't eaten at Sammy's, but I will have to give it a try.

Aug 26, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Middletown, CT - Fishbone now Mezzo Grille

I had the same dish and was also disappointed. The oysters were tasteless, and the scallop ceviche was mushy, like they hadn't used enough acid to firm them up. The shrimp were great looking, but as you say, the temperature detracted. My wife had the shrimp small plate with kiwi and loved it the first time, but not so much on another visit. My tried and true dish there is still the beef rib small plate. Has it twice, and it was excellent both times. Service was a problem our first time there, but has improved with each visit.

Aug 23, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Weird menu item at new Westerly, RI restaurant

I don't know of any other places, but at East Coast Grill in Cambridge, MA, its a long standing tradition for customers to buy beer for the cook staff. They all used to bang pots and pans as a thank you, but the last time I made a donation they just applauded and cheered. Maybe the pots and pans thing was disturbing to other customers. It is not a menu item at ECG, you just buy whatever at a package store nearby. I don't think they are able to consume it until later in the evening.

Aug 11, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England

Jamaican Buffet on a Farm in Cape Cod

I had to hijack this from the Greater Boston board. Seems more appropriate for this one anyway.
I will definitely try this when the opportunity presents itself, but wanted to give an FYI to those of you heading for the Cape this summer. If anyone has tried it, please share your experience.


Jul 27, 2010
jkuhlen in Southern New England