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Using TTC from Don Mills & Sheppard - HELP.

Too bad you say no sushi, because my top pick would be Taro's Fish House which is along the Sheppard line. I would say the best options would be if you do not mind taking the bus hit up Shops on Don Mills for Bier Market or Joeys or subway to Yonge/Sheppard for Korean food like Joons

Fresh Sea Urchin in Toronto

Try Taro's Fish House at Bayview and Sheppard

ISO: Kimchi

my vote is Galleria. compared to PAT and H-Mart

Peking duck in Mississauga or Markham

My vote also goes to Dayali at Warden and Steeles. The peking duck is very good, although you have to pay for the cucumbers and green onion.

2013 Food and Restaurant OPENINGS

I noticed the Origin North is opened now at Bayview Village (formerly Sierra Grill). Looks like it's two stories, with patio around the restaurant. I was wondering if anyone has tried it out yet?

Cabana Pool Bar Opening Soon

Thanks for the review! Still contemplated if it'll be a good place to go for a girls night

Mamma's Pizza

Devil's Delight and Gourmet Delight are my favourites...

But if you get a chance try Pizzaiolo...lots of great pizza - Godfather, Capone, Brando...

Cabana Pool Bar Opening Soon

Was watching BT this morning and saw the opening of Cabana Pool Bar. It's another addition to the family of O&B restaurants. I was wondering if anyone was going to the opening this weekend and what your thoughts are on the new place?

It looks like a nice place with a South Beach vibe. The food ranges from $10-$40 and they offer sushi by Edo starting at $12 for a maki roll.

Mid-range dinner in Yorkville; No steak, no sushi

I recently went to Babaluu in Yorkville. It's a Salsa club that serves Spanish food. We went on a Friday night and the place was pretty full. We ordered: the seafood soup, warm mushroom salad, seafood platter, dipping platter (with hummus, guacamole, and black beans), and Babaluu paella. Everything was very good. Highlights was definitely the warm mushroom salad, guacamole, and all the seafood was very good. Portions were very generous, especially the paella. I found the paella so so because it did not remind me of any of the ones I had in Barcelona. At 9:30pm a salsa instructor teaches you the basic salsa moves and at 10:30pm the place becomes a club. A great place to try out!

Mickeys Pizza - Mississauga

My brother celebrated St Patty's day here. He is a big foodie and has been craving Chicago Style Pizza. He saw it on You Gotta Eat Here and thought it would be worth the drive to give the place a try. He tried two pizzas and his hands down favourite was the Meat Pizza. He loved it and sent me a picture of it. It looked like a pizza cheaping out on the ingredients. He highly recommends it and will be going back. He says they don't open until 4pm and not a real seat down style restaurant. I can't wait to try it myself.

JaBistro- wow

Has anyone tried the set menu? We are celebrating a friend's birthday there and they said because of our group size that we will have to order from the set menu, any tried it?

Lamb burgers vs. Hamburgers

I actually really like the one at O&B

Hubby and I are going for his birthday lunch to Le Café Michi - What should we order?

Omakase with the sake cake is my favourite combo and the curry dons are great too :) Enjoy!

Yonge & Sheppard north for March break dinner

There are a lot of great options at Yonge/ of my favourite areas to eat.

- Kenzo for Ramen
- franchises that are kids friendly = Boston Pizza and/or Springrolls (not my favourites, but I think good for the kids)
- Shwarma at Shwarma Max
- Indian and Bombay Bhel
- Joons for Korean
- Kiyomizu for Japanese (and there's a few other good japanese/korean restaurants on Spring Garden)

Bi Bim Bap craving...

I would go to Todamgol Korean Restaurant at Yonge and Cummer because they have different variations of Dol Sot Bi Bim you can get it with Kalbi, Bulgogi, Chicken, etc :)

York Mills and Leslie?

I work and live around here too. A lot of great foods. A lot of people have already given great suggestions:

1. Roti at Island Foods is great
2. Keg is always a safe choice
3. St Louis wings

And if Don Mills and Lawrence isn't too far from you I would suggest going around Shop of Don Mills..there's Joeys and Bier Market

Also if you want to buy food to eat at home, I agree with jlunar with Galleria and Taro's Fish are great places to shop. Gallaria has a lot of premade korean food that are very good and great price. Taro's Fish has the fresh and great selection of sashimi (one of my fave places to get sashimi)

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

Has anyone mentioned Playa Cabana It's a small restaurant so I suggest making reservations. Very good food and great atmosphere. In the summer they have a nice patio too. I always have fun here and only had great food. They also opened a second location now

Visiting GTA Asian style - in search of Good food :)

The big thing in TO right now are the ramen places - there's Santouka, Kinton, and Ryoji. Also Momofuku and JaBistro downtown have been getting a lot of great reviews. If you have time and don't mind driving a bit further to Etobicoke, you can visit Sushi Kaji. And for uptown recommendation I would suggest Saigon Star for the curry crab. Enjoy!!!

O'Mei 'Giant Lobster 5 Ways' Chowmeet - A Brief Summary!

Wow great review! Looks great. Thinking it would be a great place to take my mother in law for her birthday. The chinese interpretation of Scaramouche lol!!

btw...tomale is actually the lobster's liver. One of my favourite parts of the lobster. I hate going to seafood restaurants and people don't eat it....what a waste!

Kingyo is open

Thanks for the suggestion! I am going this Friday with a group of 15 people so looking forward to trying a lot of items on the menu. What does everyone suggest?

rice krispies treats

I was looking for recipes for rice krispies for Super Bowl sunday as well and I came across Rice Krispiies S'mores..I couldn't resist: I have only gotten great comments from my guinea pigs who have tried them

Feb 03, 2013
mrsyumyum in General Topics

Honeymooning in Italy

I'm not an expert...but a couple of the highlights from my husband and my honeymoon to italy are:

1. Da il Latini in Florence - This restaurant was recommended by a coworker. It's not a romantic restaurant, but if you're looking for great food this is the place to go. I would try to make reservations but if you do not have time keep in mind that there's two sitting times. If i remember it was around 7 and aim for those time to save yourself from waiting. It's a family style restaurant where you are seated on communal tables. There really isn't a menu but the server tells you what your options are. Everything we tried was great...they cure their own meat, the ravioli was amazing, and the steak was one of the best I've ever had. And go hungry, the servings are huge.

2. Winery in Chianti - My husband rented a scooter for a day and we drove to the Chianti area. It was such a beautiful scenic drive, especially coming back overlooking Florence. Breathtaking is the only way to describe it. We went to Castello di Verrazzano and the wine was delicious, but what was surprisinly even better was the olive oil they made. We bought 3 bottles. It was so delicious with the bread.

3. Manarola, Cinque Terre - Since it was our first time in Italy our schedule was full of touristy things, so we really wanted to have a few days that was away from that. We chose Manarola for 3 nights and it was one of our favourite memories of Italy. Every meal we sat my the water with views you only see on postcards. And the fresh seafood was perfect after days of meat, pastas, and pizzas.

Congratulations and have a great honeymoon!!

Feb 03, 2013
mrsyumyum in Italy

HK style milk tea

I am HK Milk Tea obsessed too. When I was in HK over the holidays I had it every day to get my fix. I have to say the Milk Tea I've had in Toronto is at Cha Time Let me know what you think :)

Origin Bayview Village - When is it opening?

Hey Chowhounders! I was wondering if anyone knows when Origin at Bayview Village is going to open?

Chowhounds best 10 restaurants in GTA - 2013 voting

Cafe Michi
Playa Cabana
Fin Izakaya
Saigon Star
Jacob and Co

Onion Buns Steeles & Bathurst & Area or elsewhere!

Try Bagel Plus at Bathurst and Sheppard (in the north-west plaza)

Kingyo is open

Guu takes reservations now!!!